PS5 Shipping Packaging

The standard PS5 ships in a sleek white box, but in order to differentiate the two models, the PS5 Digital Edition comes in an elegant piano black carton.

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TheExecutioner44d ago

cannot wait to see a special edition one... dam, the first supply should be unique "DAY ONE" edition

darthv7244d ago

It really wouldnt surprise me if Sony were to brand some as Day One.

44d ago
bouzebbal44d ago

Is this the official packaging?? Actually not that attractive.

jznrpg44d ago

Nah that’s a MS thing . It’s possible but I doubt it

darthv7244d ago

@jz, all the more reason I said it wouldnt surprise me. Sony has a habit of doing their own spin on something MS has done previously.

Marquinho43d ago

You really need to be in love with the brand to call "Obscenely Attractive" a box with a render of the console.

I think it depends on how much you like the PS5 design.

badz14943d ago

nah...Sony is not desperate like MS in that department

UltraNova43d ago

Who cares about the box? It's going in storage the second the console is ready and plugged in my TV.

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Crazyglues44d ago

That would be awesome, to make some Day One editions... don't think it will happen but that would be cool...

defik2035343d ago

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Profchaos44d ago

Nah anything marked day one looks a bit manky down the line playing xb1 at my mates house a few years after its launch his controller said day 1 and it looked werid

SullysCigar44d ago

You watch nobody give a crap about the box for the PlayStation lol

It's great...but I want what's inside, please, and wouldn't care if it was served to me in a dirty ashtray!

ClayRules201244d ago

Hey, that’s a cool looking box if I do say so myself lol. I wasn’t sure what it was at first (before clicking on the article and reading it) and thought to myself “WOW, does that thing come with the PS5? Whatever it is, I want it...🤪😂and little did I know it was the box that the console comes inside of iyiyiy.

Teflon0244d ago

Lol, I thought I'd care about boxes but then realized I actually threw out every box lol. Definitely right

ClayRules201244d ago

Lol. I kept my PS4 box for 3 years. Just had it under my table, left exactly how it was after I’d opened it. I’m honestly not sure why tho haha.

SpeedDemon44d ago

I've been keeping my gaming boxes since the N64 came out, they make for nice displays.

Unknown_Gamer579443d ago

You'd be surprised at how much gamers love their hunks of cardboard. I can be a sucker for boxes too, even though they tend to just sit in my closet. I sometimes fill them with things to save space, such as collector's editions and whatnot. Some collector's editions come with their own boxes.

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SaveFerris44d ago

Will there be a special edition Spider-Man Miles Morales console?

Marquinho44d ago

"Obscenely Attractive"...

It's the picture of the render of the console, in the box:


darthv7244d ago

Im still waiting to see the tear down of the system. Where is the SSD expansion port and I guess there is no optical out port now.

medman44d ago

I agree with you once again. Details are scarce and hype is high...understandable. Unfortunately there haven't even been rumors about ps5 expansion price capability or partners unlike the 220 estimate for the series x/s seagate expansion 1 tb drive. We need more info. I'm all in for ps5 and series x, but let's not give sony a pass for bungling this launch/preorder or the lack of definitive info, that also includes games and their exclusivity or not.

RevXM43d ago

Audio has gotten better over hdmi, but yeah optical is still really good and a lot of people still use sound systems that supports optical. weird that its gone especially since audio is such a big focus on Ps5, but I guess it had to go at some point.

I would guess the SSD port is under where the stand is standing vertically or on the backside. Havent gotten a really good look at it though so IDK, but that backside with more USB ports and so much ventilation. I guess PS5 loves to breathe. judging by the placement of the ports back there the mobo is put smack down the middle inside the system so it is flowing air on both sides. cpu heatsink on buth sides might not be crazy talk after all but we will know for sure when we get a teardown.

SyntheticForm44d ago

This is obscenely exaggerated.

It's a black box with grey shapes and a picture of the console.

It's not particularly interesting or neat; just a pretty plain box.

RazzerRedux44d ago

I can just see the follow up article:

"Top 10 Launch Console Boxes All of Time"

darthv7244d ago

If there is such a list... I'd expect to see the Gears 3 box as well as the Halo 4 box. those are really nice box art as well as themed systems.

SyntheticForm44d ago


That wouldn't surprise me at all; especially here.

'Who won?' they'd ask.


Please don’t give people anymore “fanboy war” type ideas lol

GzusKreist44d ago

What do you expect from the most bias towards Sony community ever. I pretty much only play PC and have zero allegiance to BRAND. Nothing but corporate stooges on this website.

Jerlemar44d ago

I play on everything and I absolutely agree with you about the N4G community.

Silly gameAr44d ago

That's funny because there's been a lot of xbox trolls in almost every Sony thread I go too. You don't have that same energy for xbox fans, or is it only Sony fans you pay attention too?

Jerlemar43d ago

I was going to say the exact same thing.

@Silly gameAr
Ignoring the point and still trying to start a flame war, when the argument was against ALL fanboys. You're part of the problem.

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Silly gameAr44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Kind of like that box for xbox series x the other day that people thought was the greatest thing ever.

In the end, it's only a box, right? I never really looked at the box myself. I was mostly interested at what was inside that box.

SyntheticForm44d ago


I could see actually see a comment like this if there were something unique going on with the box or packaging, but there isn't.

It's decidedly plain and minimal, and not punchy at all which can be cool, but again, this isn't anything. I'm sure Xbox's box won't be anything that stands out either.

SullysCigar44d ago

We've seen Xbox's boxes already. Tbf, the Xbox Series X box box is nice - if you're into boxes, which I'm not really, so...!

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