How do the PS5 launch titles compare to PS4, PS3, PS2, and PlayStation?

Take a trip down memory lane and see how the PS5 launch titles stack up against previous PlayStation generations

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Profchaos32d ago

This is launch titles PS2 didn't have anything major from first party launch alongside it day 1.

I couldn't launch titles as day 1 not the window

Ratchet7532d ago

Ps2 launch games were really average compared to dreamcast.
Tekken tag tournament, ridge racer 5, time splitter....

Muzikguy32d ago

I REALLY miss Timesplitters. I wish that game would make a comeback. It would be awesome with these new consoles (and online too) making our own maps

Sophisticated_Chap32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I remember turning on my PS3 when I bought it in February of 2007 (3.5 months after launch), and I was blown away by Resistance: Fall of Man. PS2 and certainly PS1 never had anything on this level for an FPS game. Later on in the year, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, GRAW2, and Rainbow Six Vegas were just mind blowing to me at the time. The following 2 years were nothing short of amazing. I have never been so thrilled with video games, other than when I got my NES as a kid.

ClayRules201232d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I hear you. Gaming now is really something special. Mine was with Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. I was at Walmart and the guy there tried to convince me to purchase Heavenly Sword over Uncharted (I’m so glad I went with my gut) because starting the PS3 generation with ND’s globe trotting adventure with Nate, Elena & Sully was so special to me, always will be. And that followed with other amazing games like GTA4. ME2, Heavy Rain, KZ2, to name a few. But nothing was quite like what came in 2009. Uncharted 2. What a mind blowing sequel on literally every level.

PS4’s KZ:SF wasn’t great, but looks still very impressive today. But for me, The Order was the first “WOW” like Uncharted next gen moment is here for me that PS4 delivered.

PS5’s launch has DS and SM: MM. Very much looking forward to them. But, being at a completely different place in my life now compared to when PS3 was out. I’m in my early 30’s now, with a teenage son/fiancé. As wonderful as my gAming experiences were back than, gaming with them and having that quality time/vibing off my fiancé in intense moments/acting ridiculous and embarrassing myself in front of his friends, tops my best memorable moments of gaming back on PS3 & past. PS4’s been wonderful with them and PS5’s start with them will be great & beyond.

EazyC32d ago

Yeah, PS3 at launch really did feel like a HUGE leap forward, Resistance looked incredible when it released!

Comparitavely, PS5's launch games don't look anywhere like the jump seen previously but to be honest, considering the amazing graphics the PS4 can squeeze out in 2020 (TLoU 2 I'm looking at you), it's hard to imagine what a game would even have to look like these days to really blow peoples' minds.

I'll be getting the PS5 eventually but I'm in no rush.

Sophisticated_Chap32d ago

Look into a game called Russia 2055. It looks like the kind of jump you'd expect. Kojima teased this game a couple of years ago, but I don't think he's part of development team.

rambot8932d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I was impressed with how good Shadow Fall looked when it was revealed. In fact it still looks impressive now.

thornh32d ago

I have so many PS4 games that Shadow Fall is on my list of games I need to still finish and I got it on launch day. I guess I will never catch up. And, to your point, it still does look good.

ClayRules201232d ago

Wow, really never finished it? Dang.

Profchaos32d ago

Yeah I'm probably going back to play it again now admittedly this would be about the 4th playthrough once on the hardest Level

sourOG32d ago

Weakest I’ve ever seen but year 1 will be amazing.

Profchaos32d ago

I think ps4 was the first console I ever pre ordered and brought day 1 the trailers for killzone were incredible and the E3 presentation was exciting.
Also the gap between the PS3 and PS4 was way to long the PS3 was so dated I switched to PC gaming half way through as the poor frame rates on games was frustrating I don't care a lot about 30 vs 60 but the fps titles that weren't cod like crysis often played at 20fps.

I'm excited again for the ps5 but not for any specific release title I'm intrigued by a lot of them Spiderman and watch dogs if it's more like the 2nd and less like the previews indicate.
But there's no real system seller for me it's the ps4 enhanced comparability which really appeals to me I want my library to play better than ever

Kavorklestein32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Nice. I agree PS3 and 360's life lasted way too long. Interesting that you look forward to the enhanced PS4 games most of all so far.
So I guess with that in mind, you could definitely understand why xbox having BC is a good thing, and it makes perfect sense to me to play your existing library with performance boosts/enhancements with only the cost of the new machine.
If having older games run faster or look/perform better is enough for you to enjoy for the time being, then I am happy for you. I will be playing many games on the new machines. BC is always an exciting thing that will drive many Xbox and Playstation gamers to go back and maybe complete a few enhanced games off the old backlog.

Profchaos32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Exactly backwards compatibility is important to me I'm sold on the ps5 but I really do like Xbox SX HDR implementation in classics that really impressed and I brought the X1 for its BC features as someone who often rebuys classic games on the PC over digging out old consoles and trying to make retro games run cleanly on a modern tv it's another way to play classics with a clean high definition picture.

I'm hoping that games like rdr2 and God of war on ps5 however get an appropriate increase in performance and possibly resolution as they seem to run uncapped or receive a patch to allow it.

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