PlayStation's Jim Ryan: We want to give gamers certainty that they're buying a true next-gen console

Sony discusses the importance of generations, exclusives, and why it's not going after Xbox Game Pass.

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chrisx486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

Exclusives FTW. Let the games do the talking. Ps5 is about to dominate next gen allover again.

bouzebbal486d ago

God of War reveal and music really gave me a chill..

Yes, exclusives FTW.. and PS5 seems to be on another level compared to PS4.

Valkron1486d ago

I bet God of War 2 will be crossgen too, lol

bouzebbal486d ago


As good looking as horizon 2, I take it anytime 👌🏽

BenRC01486d ago

Didn't see anything there at launch for me. All I wanted to know was can I sling ps4 discs straight in like series x, and will psvr be supported

486d ago
BenRC01486d ago

I'd rather play spidermen without all that crap on the screen tbh, so might get the ps4 version lol

SickSinceSix486d ago

The 4k 60fps performance mode probably won't have "all that crap on the screen"

SullysCigar486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

They confirmed AGES ago that PSVR is supported by PS5.

Edit: Never mind, I've just seen your other comments in this thread and realised what you're actually doing here lol

@Shaggy2304, I'd say God of War: Ragnarok and Demon's Souls are bigger hitters, potentially, so don't worry too much..

BenRC01486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

@SullysCigar making the case that for me ps5 has nothing at launch, in fact nothing in that showcase was news apart from price and date. Nothing concrete about vr, nothing about BC, nothing on how the pads work, no dates for gt7 or horizon. You're too wrapped up in the kiddy fanboy agendas to partake in debates about which console seems more attractive at launch. Obviously the ps5 has incredible exclusives which maybe 6 months down the line will have solid dates or released, but as it stands id rather play ghosts and finish gow on the 4 than play ff16, apiderman or demon souls.
Anyway, bored now, buying the x on the 22nd. Thanks sony, saved me 450 till next year.

SullysCigar486d ago

"bored now" tbh I was bored way before that part. Nice insults though, you're clearly a skilled debater.

Regarding VR I was just trying to help, because, you know, some people catch news that others might miss. I'm surprised Sony saying "PSVR is supported by PS5" isn't concrete enough for you.

darthv72486d ago

You need to get an adapter (free from Sony) for the existing camera or you can get the new camera but otherwise the PSVR processing box and everything will work.

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JBlaze226485d ago

chrisx too early to tell.

CaptainObvious878485d ago

"We want to make the games bigger and better, and hopefully at some stage more persistent. So putting those into a subscription model on day one, for us, just doesn't make any sense. For others in a different situation, it might well make sense, but for us it doesn't. We want to expand and grow our existing ecosystem, and putting new games into a subscription model just doesn't sit with that."

Ok, I think I'm back on the PS5 train.

What he's basically saying there is that Sony are committed to amazing, complex, grand gaming experiences, and in order for that to happen they can't use the subscription model.

This also completely vindicates what I've been saying all along. That xbox game pass will dilute and dumb down gaming experiences.

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RaidenBlack486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

I enjoyed the whole event sans the Fortnite part (some other upcoming titles should've been there instead).
But some of the revelations, post the event, kind of disappointed me (a little bit).
Especially fewer true next-gen first party titles confirmed for now. Price hike I can still live with if I am getting substantial next-gen experience. No doubt next-gen versions will have impressive visual upgrades but on the contrary will also share current-gen design approach to gameplay experience.
Rift Apart and Demon's Souls are the only ones to look forward to. Can't comment on Ragnarok, only speculations.
I know my comment will get downvoted to oblivion here in this site but ... this is just a non-biased thought.
I was looking forward to the next-gen transition with much hype (especially the PS4 Pro to PS5).

BenRC01486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

did nothing for me, just stuff we already knew and games that I'm not interested in. Wanted gt7 and horizon 2 news. Never thought id say this but might go for series x for a few extra pixels on multiplats until sony hits with the big excluvies.

UltraNova486d ago

Too early for both, apparently.

Shikoku486d ago

Few extra pixels 🙄 both machines will play stuff in the same rez there are no 8k games

potatoseal486d ago

LOL you are such a liar hahaha

CaptainObvious878485d ago

It's very obvious you're a fake concerned troll.

Rift Apart and Demon Souls are still true next gen games, but you'll still go with the xsx with a pitiful exclusive launch lineup and abysmal past history of support.


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UltraNova486d ago

To be honest, just revealing the price and GoW 2 confirmed for 2021 was enough. That said this showcase wasn't an E3 presentation level reveal. It's obvious the industry is way past that. That means we need to stop expecting that level of reveals and megatons, and accept that there's a new format for delivering news and it's divided in numerous parts spread around the year.

I'm sure we'll have at least 1 or more PlayStation showcases before launch that will reveal stuff like UI, services and other features.

If 2020 has tought us anything is to be patient.

BenRC01486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

Ill definitely be getting one but if you don't like demon souls or ffvi then I don't see the point of getting it at launch? Even if they say ghosts and tlou2 or gow 60fps with upgrades at launch id be all in, but without anything concrete I'm waiting a few months. Could all change in the next few weeks, but as it stands I'm going series x (with a heavy heart lol)
Ps4 lauch sucked vut at least kill zone was a full on next gen shooter at the time

Shikoku486d ago

Yep god of war 2 besides other like cyber punk sold me

486d ago
Rude-ro486d ago

Well, as fast as they are selling out... it is nice for you to take a knees and let someone get one at release.. if they are lucky

Ratchet75486d ago

To be fair we already knew Horizon FW was a ps4 project before being moved as a ps5 title.
We still have games like Ratchet, GT7, GOW RAGNAROK as ps5 only games.

SullysCigar486d ago

Don't forget Demon's Souls! That game had praise from EVERYONE...Well, until they found out it's not going to be on PC or Xbox after all!

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Elda486d ago

I'm glad as of yesterday I was able to pre-order a PS5.

Dabbii485d ago

Congratulations. I was able to get a disc PS5 too!

ssj27486d ago

The only truly next gen games we seen are ranche&C and now Demon soul's but wtf with the $70 price tag and with the games sony studios exclusives not been nextgen only.
And where th f is Socom and tlou2 online part .
I wouldn't be surprised if GOWR is current gen. I want a true next gen GOW with big bosses which is something missing on the gow2018

I_am_Batman486d ago

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a bit of a special case, since it had to have a quick production cycle to be ready for launch. It makes sense that they wouldn't have had time to rebuild the game from the ground up. Horizon probably started as a PS4 game, but it's disappointing that they haven't scrapped the PS4 version once they moved development over to PS5.

With that said I don't think God of War will be cross gen. At the time they started development up for it they probably would've shifted focus away from PS4 internally. There were also aspects of realm travel that they wanted to implement in GoW4 but couldn't because of the limitation of the HDD. Here is Cory talking about it on the ign spoilercast:

With Horizon being cross gen, God of War has a great chance at being the most impressive game of 2021, if they focus on making the most out of their vision by keeping it PS5 exclusive.

throne486d ago

really dont know what the big deal is, people are assuming gow is cross gen as though they're hoping it is, definitely isn't....ratchet and clank,demon souls, GT7, returnal battle all stars for the lauch window and we definitely know alot more coming just like spiderman 2.

ClayRules2012486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

I’d be extremely shocked (an very disappointed) to see God of War: Ragnarok not exclusive to PS5.

That’s one game that Sony/SSM I believe wanna get the most that they can out’ve the PS5 “FULLY” with all their focus being solely on it, and not having to focus on PS4 as well. The results, I cannot imagine the end results.

Gosh, if I’m wrong and it’s available for PS4😭😭💔 okay maybe that’s a bit extreme, but still. Don’t do it to that juggernaut of a game.

SyntheticForm486d ago (Edited 486d ago )


Yeah man, that one definitely needs to be PS5 only; we saw how much GoW pushed the PS4 and Pro in 2018. God of War is too special for anything less than being built "from the ground up" for PS5.

CBaoth486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

disagree Batz, Sony will continue to support the platform well into next year. Doesn't make sense to jettison such a massive install base so quickly. GOW, Horizon, and MLB the Show are perfect vehicles to drive home that point. As enthusiast gamers I share your disappointment in them not scrapping last gen versions. However as adults we both know the financial incentive is too much to ignore for any of these companies. Judging by the past 12 hours the PS5 is having no issues whatsoever selling out. I'm fine with Demon's Souls, Ratchet & Clank, and a smattering of next gen exclusives in 2021. 2022 is when I expect ground up PS5 developed titles to hit anyway. If I'm not mistaken GOW2 launched on the PS2 well after the PS3 released. Since it's way farther along than what most of us expected, I have no qualms with its imminent PS4 reveal if it's a 2021 title.

I_am_Batman486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

@ClayRules: Same here, but I think the likelyhood for GoW being cross-gen is very low for the resons I stated above. Another reason is that Sony need at least one huge system seller. Ratchet & Clank & Demon's Souls are great exclusives to have, but I doubt they are as effective at making people buy a PS5 as God of War Ragnarök would be.

Horizon Forbidden West surely would've been a huge system seller if it was PS5 exclusive. It's a bummer that they made it a cross-gen title.

@CBaoth: I understand the financial rationale behind the decision, but even from that perspective alone you'd have to strike a balance between maximising your install base and giving people enough reason to jump to the new gen. I think that Horizon and God of War are by far the two biggest games from the ones that have been announced so far. Having both of them on PS4 would be a mistake in my opinion.

ssj27486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

@thone GT7 is definitely coming to ps4 that gam didn't look nextgen to me sure it had rt but that feature can be added . Makes sense now same for h2fw . This is why the game that impacted everyone was ranche&C hence truly been a next gen. Now if you tell me Ranche&C is also coming to ps4 then i will shut the f up but it's not so hence I'm on my right to be disappointed most games are current generation only Demon soul's and ranche&C are nextgen so far. Also project athia. You can tell ff16 is current gen also but project athia does look nextgen. Returnal is also ps4 i warranty it look nice but not nextgen.
Godr like spidermanmm was a dlc that got way to big and now its it own full game so Gowr was definitely made for ps4 in mind hence it also has a subtitle is called Gow Ragnarok
So don't put your hope too high plus gow always releases after the new generation begins on old generation this is nothing new but very common

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ClayRules2012486d ago


Exactly! “too special for anything less than being built "from the ground up" for PS5” as you said.

SSM, aside from ND, I wouldn’t expect to do a game on both PS5/PS4. That’d completely 🤯my mind. They’d be the 2 studios I’d expect to fully show off the capabilities of PS5 unlike anyone else.

ClayRules2012486d ago

@ I_am_Batman

Well said, I couldn’t agree more. God of War needs to be exclusive to PS5, to be a true “System seller!” And yeah, I’m surprised HFW isn’t exclusive because had that been exclusive I think to myself now “WOW, how many PS5’s that game alone would’ve sold” but unfortunately while many may still do that for PS5 in itself, many will be content with it on PS4 I think.

darthv72486d ago (Edited 486d ago )

With a release date of 2021... that tells me GoW may not be exclusive to PS5 and will also be a cross gen game. That isnt a bad thing in the least. It just assures me that games that are releasing in the next year (or two) would likely be cross gen as well. It implies they were already being built on PS4 when the PS5 kits were made available and rather than cut off one and move to the next, they will complete them and release for both.

ClayRules2012486d ago


Yeah, that’s possible. But I sure hope that’s not the case at all. I still think they got the dev kits early enough, especially with God of War having been released in 2018. I don’t see it being for both consoles, I just don’t. Sony needs a system seller to justify buying the new console and that really says “THIS IS WHAT NEXT GEN IS CAPABLE OF/THAT WE JUST COULD NOT ACHIEVE ON PS4”

But I may be wrong. Only time will tell. I sure hope it’s exclusive to PS5 only, personally.

darthv72486d ago

system seller... god that takes me back. People will buy the systems because they want to not because some special piece of software tells them to. We are at a point of diminished returns. The games still releasing for PS4/XBO are looking like some of the best that even next gen has to offer so that tells me the next gen will be more about what you 'dont' see. All the back end stuff like the SSD and the haptic controls... they add to the already great realism that current gen provides. Its evolutionary with a dash of revolutionary unlike the older days when you had system sellers that looked and played revolutionary.

ClayRules2012486d ago


Yeah, they take me back too... But also, some people will buy a system simply for a piece of software, that might not be a huge margin nowadays, i don’t know, but it certainly happens. I agree with you tho, on the “evolutionary with a dash of revolutionary” the SSD/Haptic controls will certainly offer some great and unique ways for us to experience playing games like never before. But I also believe in terms of visuals, while we’re coming to that place where it seems a wall/ceiling is being hit, still definitely more room to fill, a good deal I believe, even with how amazing and lifelike some of the games are that we currently have now, in subtle things tho and so on, that’ll add overall visually that PS4 just can’t offer. I’m anxious to see what types of physics are implemented into the games coming this generation.

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