Final Fantasy XVI Seems Nothing Like FFXV, But That's a Good Thing

The initial reveal of Final Fantasy XVI seemingly paints a picture that is night and day with its predecessor, Final Fantasy XV.

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BLizardXD33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

"Final Fantasy XVI Seems Nothing Like FFXV,"

because it plays like DMC and that's not a good thing.
spitting image of Nero's devil bringer @ 1:56
same effect and all.

RightFootGames33d ago

Your just mad because it's not on xbox.

Sonyslave332d ago (Edited 32d ago )

it a time exclusive lol it coming to xbox just like FF7 remake just gotta wait.

pwnmaster300032d ago


Where does it say coming out on Xbox?
As of right now it’s PS5 and PC.

Hell it could be PS4 or switch or even stadia.
Not saying it doesn’t have a chance to come out on Xbox but your dead set it’s Xbox with out confirmation.

bouzebbal32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Cannot wait.. Every FF main episode is an event.. I hope it lives up to the expectations. Release 2021 pleaaaaase

Crazy that you read console exclusive and you still assume it's not.. You people cannot even understand two of the most simplistic words put together..

lalalala32d ago

I'm defintely going to play this, but I actually thought that trailer was really crap. It felt like it was edited by a 13 year old, and the OTT British accents were really annoying (and I'm British!)

InUrFoxHole32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Its timed exclusive and coming to pc. Why are gamers so anti consumer? You should want the option to play where ever u want no?
The footage was running on pc as well

gamer780432d ago (Edited 32d ago )

it said in the fine print that its timed exclsusive (the messaging different than demon souls), its 100% coming to xbox, but honestly looks supremely average with an uninspired setting.

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Tech533d ago

the article listing says "PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One"

Immagaiden33d ago

Final Fantasy XV is on PS4, XO & PC
Final Fantasy XVI is on PS5 & PC

Sonyslave332d ago

plus if you watch ps5 video it say coming to others consoles year later

Skate-AK32d ago

@Sonyslave3 just watched it. You mean where it says console exclusive?* *Also available on PC

Daeloki32d ago

Gotta agree with RightFootGames, you just sound salty.

"because it plays like DMC and that's not a good thing."
If it does play like DMC I have no issues, DMC plays great in my opinion.

"spitting image of Nero's devil bringer @ 1:56"
lol, barely. Sure there are similarieties, but I'd hardly say that style/effect is exclusive to Nero

Harkins172132d ago

It is like XV. And XV should have been more like this. Gameplay looks fun

CptDville32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

One could say it plays like Crisis Core.

enkiduxiv31d ago

Maybe this DMC combat designer can teach the guys at Square that people like to press the button instead of just holding it down and watching the game play itself.

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spambot081532d ago

looks game of thrones style and kinda mmo... more interested in the upcoming parts of ff7r.

gamerben32d ago

I'd kill for a turn based RPG with Final Fantasy's budget again. A man can dream.

porkChop32d ago

That's why Persona 5 was so successful? Turn based is far from dead.

Elda32d ago

Persona says hello but turn base may be dead for Final Fantasy games.

TheRealTedCruz32d ago

The fact there are multiple series still doing very well while using it says otherwise.

gamerben32d ago

Turn based doesn't really die, it just fell out of favor in mainstream for awhile. Chess is a turn based game and people still play it. Like the other guy said, megaten games are getting pretty damn big, and darkest dungeon was a big hit as well.

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RPGer32d ago

Well that genre is very limited when it comes to profits, except when it is called Pokemon, but with anything else companies would be lucky if they exceeds 3 millions of sales.

gamerben32d ago

dragon quest doesn't have the same level of ambition as FF. It's turn based alright but it's missing the grandeur of the final fantasy games

pwnmaster300032d ago

I kind of like it. It’s different.
Need to see more.

Shane Kim32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Reminds me of ff8.

NextGenCeo32d ago

Game not like Final Fantasy at all. FFXV fight was better than this. This gameplay have just action like Devil May Cry even Bayonetta.
This is definitly not a Final Fantasy game. FFXV wasn`t and this one too. I`m huge FF fan by the way. After FFXIII still company going wrong direction on Final Fantasy brand.

Nerdmaster32d ago

"FFXV fight was better than this. This gameplay have just action like Devil May Cry even Bayonetta."
Neither of them feels like Final Fantasy, but if I have to choose between DMC/Bayonetta gameplay or that confusing mess that was FFXV's battle system, I choose the former. If it's not going to be FF anymore, at least it should be fun, and FFXV surely wasn't.

32d ago
Shane Kim32d ago

It looks like ff7r fighting and that was really good imo.

RPGer32d ago

Weird this seems to me exactly as Final Fantasy XII, but with more direct Action RPG controling.

Elda32d ago

At least FFXIII was turn-based & imo the mechanic was pretty good.

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