Linkle is the Hero Hyrule Needs Right Now. Here is Why.

For nearly 35 years, the Zelda formula has been mostly the same. It is time for a change to that formula, and Linkle is the one to take the helm.

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XtraTrstrL44d ago

GTFO. So sick of this dumb sh*t. Linkle is not needed, the sex switch formula is getting tired. Link is the Hero in Zelda, making him a female isn't any cooler, revolutionary, special or original. This idea is getting extremely cliche now.

Jeriphro43d ago

Did you read the article? It's not exactly about Linkle, but more of the idea of just mixing up the formula. Link has been the hero for every single game, and it has gotten stale in some ways. Giving it to someone new, or even giving some more spotlight to previous characters like Impa would be great.

Linkle is more an idea than a demand. Zelda has such a large universe, so why not give us a glimpse into something different instead of more of the same?

XtraTrstrL43d ago

Because this particular idea is corny, and going by the name of the character, it's not even trying to be different, other than being a female Link.

Greatball198743d ago

Is it stale to play as Mario? Yeah, let's just replace him for Maria instead lmao. No thanks man. Spin-offs are the place for that kind of stuff, like Super Princess Peach. Bye.

Greatball198743d ago

Linkle is technically not Link though, it isn't a gender swap. I completely agree with your post's meaning though.

GzusKreist44d ago

Opinion pieces are not journalism. Try again!

gleepot44d ago

no, its a stupid character

Inverno43d ago

Changing the main character from male to female doesn't mean the whole formula will change. Second off Tingle is hugely popular so I disagree. Timelines diverge from a starting point in which Link from the beginning was MALE so it wouldn't make much sense if he was reborn as a girl. You people got this idea in your head that theres going to be a sudden shake up, a revolution if suddenly there were more female leads in games. Guess what there won't be any of that.

If all these shite movies with female leads are anything to by there won't be anything decently done with a female lead until ya'll learn to stop pushing agendas, and write good stories!

XtraTrstrL43d ago

Exactly! If it's a good story that makes sense for a female lead, then yea, go with it. So often tho, these lazy devs/producers try to build hype around a female lead, when the movie/game is trash and has zero effort put into it, with all their efforts being pushed into advertising the fact that it's a female lead. It's really getting old.

Greatball198743d ago

Same thing across the board, just exchange "female" for anything else. Stop pushing and start creating properly.

JEECE43d ago

Lol why not just focus on a female character? Zelda is the obvious option, but Mipha could be an option as well.

NecrumOddBoy43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

This is the right answer but today's world is "woke" and woke doesn't mean create a new character or original story; it means recreate the same character to fit a narrative (e.g making Captain Marvel a woman or making Ariel the mermaid black). Zelda is awesome as she is. Why can't we get a game about her in the Ocarina of Time lore? Where we play as Zelda and Shiek depending on what is going on. It would be really cool and make for some really interesting storytelling.

Greatball198743d ago

They could make a Ocarina of Time game where you play from the perspective of Zelda, doing things behind the scenes as Shiek while Link is sealed away.

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The story is too old to be commented.