PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan says more PlayStation 5 units will be available than PS4s in 2013

The choice for buying a PlayStation 5 is simple. It’s $499, unless you don’t care about having a disc drive, then it’s $399.

That simplicity was by design, said Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO and President Jim Ryan in an interview with The Washington Post on Wednesday. PlayStation announced earlier that day the pricing of the next-generation machines, and a Nov. 12 launch date.

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RightFootGames205d ago

The man knows exactly the number of units being manufactured. PS4 had about 10 million by the end of FY 2013. Sony has already stated 16m by end of FY 2020.

MecheSlays205d ago

Bloomberg Japan said it got lowered to about 11m but its supposed to get better and those are low numbers. So hey i hope so. I cant get one. yet

SullysCigar205d ago

^ The Bloomberg story was already refuted by Sony themselves, so is confirmed untrue.

darthv72205d ago

all i can say is November is going to be really good to me. December... will suck for my family.

Unknown_Gamer5794205d ago

You have a family to support and you're making sacrifices to their December to get a PS5 at launch? I don't know whether to applaud your commitment to your hobby or chastise you for making what's clearly not the adult choice, not to mention one that affects others besides yourself.

205d ago
Sayai jin205d ago

Then why did Sony do the "register for the chance to be able to preorder"? This wasn't the case with the PS4 launch. Also, they're weren't many disclaimers a out limited stock then either.

FunAndGun205d ago

Did anyone even get to order one because of that? Maybe they just wanted to gauge interest?

dumahim205d ago

I've seen a few people claim to have received the email, and a screenshot, but not enough to know if the claims are legit.

amazingmax7205d ago

And why does Sony always wait for Microsoft to reveal their pricing first then. lol.

ABizzel1205d ago

With a little logic and critical thinking my guess is the expectation for the PlayStation 5 is significantly higher than it was for the PlayStation 4 so even if they have the rumored 16 million consoles by the end of their fiscal year compared to 10 million for PS4, it still doesn’t mean there’s enough PlayStation 5s when there’s double if not triple the amount of people anticipating getting it at lunch compared to the PlayStation 4.

Remember the PlayStation 5 is coming off of the huge success of the PlayStation for where as the PlayStation 4 was coming off of a mixed generation for PS3 and 360 had did extremely well, so there was a 50/50 early on for which console to buy until Xbox hung themselves.

This time around ever report and survey is saying PS5 is the majority of mindshare by up to 80%, so yeah launch units will be limited, and buying from Sony directly with the lottery ensure PlayStation fans with PSN IDs were at least getting the console and not just scalpers.

As for the price it was simply to be petty and to ensure Xbox wouldn’t try to undercut them.

darthv72205d ago

Dont forget ps3 was coming off the even more popular ps2 until sony tripped up on the price.

ABizzel1205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

But gaming in 2005 - 2006 wasn't as popular or mainstream as it is in 2020 or even 2013. Also, PS2 generation was the last generation we had a $99 "hardware competitive" console new on the market. Wii reached that price eventually but was a generation behind hardware-wise and 360 was the closest.

cell989205d ago

They also played us with “preorders start tomorrow” then you have retailers doing them 1 hr after the announcement wtf

darthv72205d ago

Yeah that was on the retailers. One did it and the next didnt want to miss out and so on and so on.

Sayai jin205d ago

I really wasn't asking a question. It was more of a statement of fact.

FunAndGun, only Sony Knows, but I will say this...Sony stated that they would give a decent heads up/announcement well in advance of pre-orders going live, excluding Sony's direct pre-order a week or so ago. This was not well in advance. They had a really good 42 min show, but failed to mention when pre-orders would go live. Preceding the event, they tweeted the price, but didn't mention pre-orders again. They did do so on a subsequent tweet. This seemed rather botched and unlike Sony. With that, most major US retailers put the console up for pre-order immediately after the end of Sony's event, not on the 17th of Sep as Sony stated. It all seems a bit botched. I hope everyone that wanted to pre-order was able to, but going buy Sony's, Best Buy's, WalMart's, etc that's not the case. These retailers jumped the gun.

In the end, I think there will be next gen consoles in stores on launch to buy.

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Bruh205d ago

Its literally sold out everywhere loll

Target - Done
GameStop - Unless you buy a rip off bundle - Done
Best Buy - Done
Walmart - Done

Only outlets left are Amazon which I'm guessing will go Live by midnight and Sony's official store launch

QSPR205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

yeah, I got my disc version after the page wen back online. $499 + taxes + $30 for shipping!!

Sorry for the Edit I forgot to put the store, GameStop.

Bruh205d ago

Ouch $30 for shipping on a $500 machine? GameStop needs to go die in a hell hole

QSPR205d ago

@Bruh yeah I know. I'm from Puerto Rico and get stuff here is hard.

jukins205d ago

I almost got the physical $900 bundle but just couldn't bring myself to give gamestop that much money.

Blade92205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

I feel ya. I was able to pre order the $750 dollar disk bundle as I was too late on the regular system and on every other online site. Im not too fond of giving gamestop money for one of their bundles, but I'd much rather give it to them then scalpers.

These dicks are charging twice and sometimes triple the price.

dumahim205d ago

I briefly considered it too, but decided to stick to my guns with hating them. With my luck, they'd probably cancel my order for no reason anyway like they seem to love to do.

Bruh205d ago

Whats BS is that those consoles are available in larger quantities than their standalone units....typical GS BS

dumahim205d ago (Edited 205d ago )

Someone worked out the order links about 10 minutes before it went live on Amazon and it seems it sold out about 5 minutes after midnight.

Thank god I was looking at reddit and someone posted the links and I got one. I spent hours trying to nab one on Target and Best Buy. I probably got to the last part of my Target order about 6 times before it disappeared from my cart.

Bruh205d ago

I linked my friend the Amazon order link and it sold out by the time his browser loaded it lmfao

Sitdown205d ago

Keep trying Best Buy, I got in about 10 minutes ago. You can do a mail order, and then go back in and change to store pickup.

Sitdown205d ago

Just have to keep checking, I got in early with Walmart, but hate having to trust them given their track record. At 3AM EST, was finally able to get a order through with Best Buy.

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