Sony Says Demon's Souls Remake Isn't Coming To PC And 'Other Consoles'

Update—6:19 p.m. ET, 09/16/2020: Following the original publication of this story, Sony has told Kotaku that the trailer claiming Demon’s Souls would be coming to PC and “other consoles” was a mistake. The rep attributed the incorrect information to “human error.” Demon’s Souls will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

GaboonViper1101d ago

Terrible marketing, and now HFW on PS4, so much for we believe in generations, next gen hype dead, well done Sony.

potatoseal1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

It's not dead at all. Demon's Souls is only on PS5 buddy.

Yes, HFW and MM are going to be Cross-Gen. That's a bit of a let down. But people are still gearing up to get a PS5. Personally, Demon's Souls looked fricking AMAZING.

I mean the HYPE is not dead, it's still going along like a Freight-Train

Development for HFW must have started on the PS4 and then shifted it to PS5 and PS4.

Bobertt1101d ago

Well we haven't seen gameplay for Horizon yet just the cinematic but the environments looked more dense than HZD and the underwater was greatly improved. The lighting seems a bit better as well. I hate crossgen but that's only when they hold back the next gen version if they go all out on PS5 i don't care about the PS4 version. As for MM it looked better than the first game. You won't really see the games that are truly next gen until end of 2021 or 2022 anyway. Look at PS4's launch, the only games i remember standing out as next gen was Killzone Shadowfall but obviously they have improved since then.

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BLizardXD1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

HZD2 and Spider Man MM are both cross gen games. and how is this not big news?
PS gamers talk about xbox cross gen games and here we see the same.

GameZenith1101d ago

So you're saying just play the games on PS4 and get a PS5 later?

What's the use of getting PS5 at launch now?

At this point, God of War 2 may also be coming to the PS4 as it is not confirmed as a PS5 exclusive.

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mikeslemonade1101d ago

Basically very little people will play Demon Souls in the next year since it’s hard to find a PS5 in stock.

And you’re wrong Demon Souls will not a be niche title.

sampsonon1101d ago

@BLizardXD: It's because it's the beginning of a gen. MS will release all their games on the last gen consoles.
Big difference.

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TrueViper1101d ago

Wrong. The real Demon Souls came out 11 years ago on PS3 and I guarantee it was way harder than the remake just because it was really clunky and frame rate would chug at points making it even harder. ;)

bouzebbal1100d ago

The game is a launch title, and that's madness in itself..
It'll sell millions, Sony and bluepoint for the win

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ABizzel11101d ago

3 games being cross-gen ruined next-gen hype, espeically when everyone saw two of those 3 games and instantly thought they looked next-gen in their showings and seeing Spider-Man on PS5 looking next-gen lol. Okay.

It was rumored a while back that Sony had several PS4 games ready to go, but delayed them to PS5 since it was clear Xbox had given up at the end of the generation and was moving everything into next-gen. It's clear now that these were those games, and so if they were already in development originally for the PS4 why not release them on both consoles. Espeically considering Spider-Man sold over 10 million copies (I believe 16 million and counting).

It's pure business. It also mean IMO that Horizon is coming a lot sooner than many expected because 2 of these 3 games are launch titles which IMO means Horizon could be as early as Q1 or Q2 2021.

GaboonViper1101d ago

Maybe im getting overmad, but i want to see HFW built for PS5 and PS5 only, now PS4 will hold back jist like MS is doing, i dont agree with this situation from Sony, still a day one buy but i hope they scrap this decision.

darthv721101d ago

the 3 games being cross gen makes me excited at the prospect that more may still be to come. Maybe even the new god of war? I mean Barlog did say they were going to be able to churn out a sequel at a quicker rate since getting the foundation in place. It too could be a cross gen title. And I been saying that current gen will not hold back next gen and we will see the real fruits of next gen in all their glory soon enough. but until then... if a game is able to come to current gen then so be it. Let it happen capin.

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Shane Kim1100d ago


GoW is 100% cross gen. Sony won't abandon 120 million consoles this early.

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Father__Merrin1101d ago

Those initial games will still be good on base ps4 and PS4 Pro the ps5 versions will be a generation leap ahead so it's a good move as not everyone will afford the asking price straight away.

But if those games are coming to base consoles if a pro was reduced to 199 for eg it will be hard to pass up. Series S might be in trouble

Approx 17k xboxes sold worldwide last week its and dying brand

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ActualWhiteMan1100d ago

You realize there isn't any inventory of Xbox consoles to sell? Stores have been sold out for most of the year. I recently sold my scorpio edition on ebay used for $400 because of how desperate some people are.

Tacoboto1101d ago

Horizon is really coming to PS4 too? Oh that's classic. Clearly gonna be held back now, Crailoy here we come!

(Cross-gen hate was always stupid. If being cross-gen holds a game back, it's the developer's talent, not the hardware)

SickSinceSix1101d ago

"Crailoy" XD
Damn that's a good one

AngelicIceDiamond1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Instant narrative switch with a snap of a finger. Right on the fly as expected. So everything you said about cross gen games about being gimped no longer exist or is undone suddenly right?

Jim Ryan lied

"as of today, has its first official reveal event scheduled for next week — will have games you cannot play on existing PlayStation 4 devices."

That was in June of course.

If we can call out MS on whatever BS they do Sony will have the same treatment. Jim Ryan lied and was just playing "the good guy" by hiding the PS4 versions. They saw the unfavorable responses MS was getting.

This changes nothing about PS5 or those games as I'm getting the 5 version which is the best version. But so much for Sony's next gen only campaign. They rather take the backlash now closer to launch than the the summer, smart I suppose.

RauLeCreuset1101d ago


1) What do you call a person who boldly claims "Jim Ryan lied" and immediately after posts a link and quote of something Jim Ryan didn't say, as if it's a direct quote from Jim Ryan.

You chose to quote The Verge's characterization of comments Jim Ryan made during an interview with a different publication. IOW, you chose to attribute a quote to Jim Ryan of a characterization that wasn't, at least, made by the publication that interviewed him. And your quote conveniently cut short the portion of that 3rd party's quote that made clear it wasn't a direct quote. Here is the full quote:

"Speaking with in an interview published Friday, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said his company’s upcoming device — which, as of today, has its first official reveal event scheduled for next week — will have games you cannot play on existing PlayStation 4 devices."

Here's how you presented it, by contrast:

"Jim Ryan lied

"as of today, has its first official reveal event scheduled for next week — will have games you cannot play on existing PlayStation 4 devices."

2) That's also not a quote from the source interview, which was linked in the The Verge piece you linked. Were you counting on people on the internet not bothering to check the source, or did you, yourself, not bother checking it in your eagerness to troll?

3) Here is an actual direct quote of Jim Ryan from the interview:

"We have always felt that we had a responsibility to serve that [PS4] community for several years after the launch of PS5 and that it represented a huge business opportunity for us."

Which brings us to...

4) PS gamers are used to having their current gen home consoles supported after the new gen begins. PS gamers are used to having their home consoles supported, period. PS gamers are able to believe in generations and in supporting the last gen, as indicated by Jim Ryan's comments. We get enough support in PS land to receive cross gen and new gen only exclusive 1st and 2nd party games.

5) Demon's Souls, Astro's Playroom (Free!), and Ratchet and Clank. All three are launch window, 1st or 2nd party, next-gen exclusives. Two are scheduled for Day 1. You want to question why people don't react the same way to Sony as Xbox? What1st or 2nd party, next-gen exclusives does Xbox have for launch day? For launch window? Which 1st or 2nd party exclusives are they launching alongside the Series S and X period? Forget the next-gen exclusive qualifier.

6) You would be better served dedicating as much as a fraction of this energy to demanding more from your console of choice.

CoinOrc1100d ago

It’s clearly holding back halo infinite.
Also, ratchet and clank is only on the ps5. Ratchet is not possible on the PS4, or even the Xbox series x for that matter.

Tacoboto1100d ago

If Guerrilla Games can bring the open-world Horizon Forbidden West to PS4, I'm sure Insomniac would find a way to get a launch-window platformer to run on the thing too.

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ChiefofLoliPolice1101d ago

Too bad is a game that is near and dear to me in my heart and i wanna see this on a console that wont be held back by next gen. Im excited and getting this day one.

GaboonViper1101d ago

Same feelings mate, dont het me wrong PS5 is still day one but dont like this decision from Sony, i believe in generations.

jbull1101d ago

I'm disappointed with Horizon forbidden west coming to PS4 as I thought the game was taking full advantage of PS5 hardware, it will still be a fantastic game but it's design will still be dictated by PS4 weak CPU and HDD.

ziggurcat1100d ago

“I thought the game was taking full advantage of PS5 hardware...”

It is. Built from the ground up for PS5:

AngelicIceDiamond1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

Next gen hype dead? Sony did mislead ppl that is true they should of been honest from the get go. But next hype dead a hyperbolic statement.

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throne1101d ago

actually horizon forbidden west was in development for ps4 originally, with then deciding to move on to ps5 development some time ago I remember an article being released about it and MM being released for ps4 doesn't affect anything, it's a lost legacy type of deal. Remember, spiderman 2 will be full on ps5, so will GOW and the rest of those amazing exclusives on ps5

darthv721101d ago

Like halo infinite is an xbo game and is getting some enhancements for next gen. Thete is nothing wrong with crossgen games. It seems some take issue with them though.

F0XH0UND9221101d ago

Did you eat paint when you were a child?

ssj271101d ago

I definitely agree i means demons souls does look amazing and next gen but the downgrade spiderman abd Horizon2 are getting. I don't mind the lbp game. And if this two got downgraded i am sure GOW part 2 wll also be downgraded and released on current generation. Acording to rumors it was a expansion in the first place like spiderman mm.

I mean and no socom or lou2 online i wouldn't be surprised if sony is holding this or one of them to kill the halo hype and because halo got delay now they will delay Socom.
I'm underwhelmed. I don't mind waiting for ds remake i guess sony didn't give me reason to buy a ps5 i will still do but if i miss pre-ordering i wll be fine no hrry very disappointed