Demon’s Souls – PS5 gameplay first look

An extended look at the foreboding locales and deadly enemies lurking in Boletaria.

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amazingmax734d ago

No release date? :O

And PC, nice :D

mikeslemonade34d ago

Take my money!

Only thing is the game looks corridor and enclosed a lot. PS3 limitations.

ic3fir334d ago

if release on pc i dont buy a ps5 😃
rtx 3080 await

TripleAAARating34d ago

Guys if this is the level of graphical fidelity at this early stage of next gen on a REMAKE game......... I'm literally scared 😨 to see what later games like GOD of WAR would look like 😱😱..... absolutely figgin insane.

FATAL1TY34d ago

Looks amazing. Next Gen GOTY!

mikeslemonade34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I got 2080ti, I don’t mind playing on the console settings. Already probably 4k 60 frames on good settings. Plus better optimization like HDR on your TV screen.

Aeery34d ago

One of my fav game on playstation. Can't wait to play it again with that graphic update!
Also on PC ?
Great, will run awesomly on the rtx 3090!

mikeslemonade34d ago

Haha pump your brakes on goty

34d ago
DaCajun34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Kinda disappointed that they're charging $69.99 for the remake.
The price is shown for launch day games in the official blog. Seems that $70 games will be the new norm soon going forward.

ssj2733d ago (Edited 33d ago )

no pc at least not jet. And GOWR i have a feeling is a current gen game like spidermanmm or H2fw. So it wont look better . Demons souls does truly look and feels nextgen so far best looking game. I'm so underwhelmed sony is downgrading spiderman and Horizon2 and probably GOwr . But glad at the same time i didn't got a chance to pre-order so I'm not missing much

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RaidenBlack34d ago

Was expecting the "Holiday 2020" part at the end. : (

Tech534d ago (Edited 34d ago )

"Also available on PC"

If this is coming to pc that also confirms both rumors of Bloodborne coming to pc as well. as they were part of the same rumor.

crazy how n4g keeps shooting this down.

ocelot0734d ago

Where it say release on pc 🤣

hulk_bash198734d ago (Edited 34d ago )

If you watch the trailer at the end it shows:
*not available on other consoles for a limited time. Also available on PC.

hulk_bash198734d ago

Confirmed by Sony to be an error. Its still a PS5 exclusive

SierraGuy33d ago

Never on pc...keep dreaming guys.

This isn't a hideo game.

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pwnmaster300034d ago

This is probably the best game so far for next gen. Looks so good.

RememberThe35734d ago

And it's not actually an exclusive. Odd choice but will be interested to see how that works for them. It's weird that Sony is currently making an Xbox game lol 2020...

pwnmaster300034d ago

It’s going on PC. Not Xbox.

hulk_bash198734d ago

Pretty interesting that this is a PS Studios game coming out day and date on PC and possibly other consoles down the line.

hulk_bash198734d ago

Edit: Not coming to other platforms or PC. Marketing error confirmed by Sony.

gravedigger34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Looks like latest trailer went private 10 minutes ago. Surely it will be updated. There is some confusing messaging with "other consoles" and PlayStation exclusive

hulk_bash198734d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Interesting, I wonder if that means it is still PS5 exclusive. Edit: Marketing error confirmed by Sony.

xenz33d ago

Can't find the "fine print" that says its coming to PC :) What I can see is "Playstation Exclusive", "Captured on PS5" and "Demon's Souls is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.". Nice try tho :D

Dragonscale33d ago

Neither this or Bloodborne are coming to pc.

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potatoseal34d ago

CONFIRMED as a Launch Title apparently

solideagle34d ago

I don't understand why PC...shouldn't it showcase PS5, maybe release it later?
perhaps it's an old title?

Mithan34d ago

I think its a mistake with them just using a template for the other games. If it comes to PC, it will probably be a year or so later, but we will see.

Father__Merrin34d ago

Did u see the flesh being cut on the boss. Absolute day one

solideagle34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Demon Soul's: "Not Available on other consoles for a limited time. Also available on PC" That's why people are saying it's coming to Xbox. what do you think guys?

whitbyfox34d ago

people are stupid. it definitely looks like it’s going to ps4 pro or something.

potatoseal34d ago

I think that's a bunch of BS. It's PS5 only

SierraGuy33d ago

Shuhei yoshida releasing this on xbox 🤣🤣🤣.

Give me a break.

Dragonscale33d ago

Its not coming to any other platform full stop, let alone xbone fgs lol. Those people saying that tripe are delusional.

32d ago
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Fishy Fingers34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Highlight of the show for me (Fortnight a close second ha). Most "next gen" they showed. Shame it didnt have a date, or even a year :/

Small print at the end has me surprised.

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ApocalypseShadow34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

"So the world might be mended."

"So that Apocalypse will get it."