Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS5 Ultimate Edition Detailed

The standard edition will be available digitally on the PlayStation Store or physically at your local retailer for $49.99.

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chrisx39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Looks great as expected. Can't wait 👍🏽

darthv7239d ago

It looks fantastic. My son is super excited for this as am I.

Mr Logic39d ago

They've never said that I don't think, but it was assumed.

RaidenBlack39d ago

So PS4 still gets the love. :)

1Victor39d ago

They said only on PS5 but I guess they got enough flak from Xbox fanboys and the “oh Sony don’t care about us PS4 players wah wah”

Saigon39d ago

This is the right call and the fact that the game travels with you when you are ready to upgrade is a plus. Then on top of it you get the enhanced version of the original game if you buy the ultimate edition. With covid; this was the right move.

TheKingKratos38d ago

I wonder if they do the same with god of war too

outsider162439d ago

I did not expect a PS4 version. Wth!?

CaptainHenry91639d ago (Edited 39d ago )

The PS4 edition won't have 4k 60fps though and all the other features like Ray Tracing 🤔

Christopher39d ago

No, it will not. But, buy one gets you both. So, if you can't get a PS5 this year, you can still play it on PS4 and on your PS5 when you get it.

The lighting and reflections in the game look fantastic.

TheKingKratos38d ago

The pro version will be close to 4k and 30 fps and i can live without the ray tracing and it won't be missing any thing else
if i would stay with ps4 pro but i am buying ps5 day 1

It was really smart move by Sony ... i am starting to think God of war will be on ps4 as well

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ClayRules201239d ago

Can’t wait for all of us to play this after watching that gameplay demo. No matter where you play this game, be it on PS4/PS5, I genuinely hope you’re more than overjoyed with the overall completed package Insomniac will deliver to us fans when the game releases! I believe they’ll deliver something really great😁

AngelicIceDiamond39d ago

Switching up the argument now all summer long it was PS5 only and the number one reason to get the Console.

So I guess we're changing the narrative now so what are we going with this time?

ClayRules201239d ago (Edited 39d ago )

You’re certainly not coming of as “Angelic”

Diamond, I don’t make the decisions, that’s up to Sony and Insomniac or maybe solely Sony or solely Insomniac. Either way, it’s coming to both gamers on PS4 and PS5. But as you can see, the results just from this demo alone (I can’t speak for the quality of the entire game) looks fantastic, and isn’t cheaply made. I can’t say the same for Microsoft’s poor approach on choosing to have their exclusives be made for both consoles.

The difference is, aside from this specific game, which is its standalone game, R& Clank for example with all its awesome next gen rift happening real time gameplay moments are because of the SSD and thankfully the talent of those at Insomniac. That game is NOT coming to PS4. PS5 ONLY. So, that’s all I’ve really got to say.

Not sure why you feel the need to reply to me the way you did. but regardless. I genuinely hope you still have a blessed rest of your day, honestly. God bless you and go do something positive, like put a smile on someone’s face, for the better maybe!

RazzerRedux39d ago

Well, if you watched the show then you'd realize there are lot more reasons than Mile Morales to get the console.

And what about all those "narratives" where some were wagging their fingers at Sony for NOT bringing MM to PS4? don't want to talk about those "narratives". You are so selective when you troll.

RauLeCreuset39d ago

Spending years on this site obsessing over the opinions of alleged hypocritical, toxic Sony trolls by continually providing hypocritically toxic and trolling commentary is not a good look for you.

Stanjara39d ago

It's not that. It's because Halo Infinite made cross gen bad.
It looked like Craig.
Games look insane on PS5, so for all ps4 users it's a plus.
Also, Sony needs to sell those games, and with covid and preorders and probably shortages it's makes sense.

Silly gameAr39d ago

Kind of disappointing, but it's not a problem. The games will still be be excellent, and I'm still planning on playing them on PS5.

39d ago
jukins39d ago

@Angelic did you see the person youre attacking say these things youre accusing him of? Or are you a salty xbox fanboy/girl furious that playstation is getting positive news

39d ago
mkis00738d ago

I'm sure Spiderman 2 will be ps5 only...I'm wondering if they just couldn't make enough changes between the first one and this to warrant leaving out ps4 owners.

In the meantime it isn't like there are no ps5 exclusives. Demon's souls is one and it looks gorgeous.

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crazyCoconuts39d ago

I'm not happy w/ the price personally. I already played Spiderman so I just want the MM part on PS5. Guess I'll buy the disk and eBay it when i'm finished with the story.

ClayRules201239d ago

I’m sorry your not happy with the price. But either way, I genuinely hope you enjoy the overall game Coconuts!😁

crazyCoconuts39d ago

Just found out they are selling just the MM part separately for cheaper. I'm good

AngelicIceDiamond39d ago

@Clay I wanna separate 2 things here. The game itself: First off that game play floored me the fact that it'll be running on PS4 is amazing feat the fact the console is 7 years old still innovating graphically.Some impressive shit lets tell it like it is.

The business side of the game: It's no secret after the backlash that MS got of lack of next gen gameplay or announcements at their first event. Sony took that feedback and indeed mislead ppl in believing it was only on PS5. It was misleading on Sony's part to hide the PS4 it was only on Sony's part. Let's not suddenly erase history of ppl here saying it was only and strictly the power of PS5 and ran it home on here time and time... And time again major news sites saying it was PS5 only even saying it wasn't possible on PS4 because of the SSD being built from the ground up.

"Diamond, I don’t make the decisions, that’s up to Sony and Insomniac or maybe solely Sony or solely Insomniac."

Yeah Now we know. It would of been nice to know back then rather than now. You mentioned MS at least they were honest from the jump.

Being "Angelic is calling out misleading information and not making excuses.

ClayRules201239d ago

They were honest? About that, about how they’re making games for both consoles. Really? That in itself isn’t something I’d applaud them on for one. Developers are already having to deal with the Xbox series S, which is going to cause development issues, and to now have to deal with the Xbox one on top of that, going into next gen, and not “Fully” take advantage of all those teraflops and power available because your having to be held back by last gen hardware? That’d be a real bummer as a developer, especially with real creative and new ideas flowing in your mind.

And honestly hasn’t been a good thing on Microsoft’s part. Phil, he’s not a guy who’s shown to be a man of his “Word”

38d ago
AngelicIceDiamond39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

@Raz "where some were wagging their fingers at Sony for NOT bringing MM to PS4? Nah"

Show me shining examples of ppl out crying of no PS4 version? I don't remember unless you can jog my memory? All I saw was how MS sucks for going cross gen and everything that was on PS5 nit touching the last gen console was a God send so Please by all means show me, show me, show me. Troll? Bringing up the truth is trolling lol OK whatever guy. You can't discredit nothing I said so I'm "trolling now right get the hell out.

It's misleading plain and simple. That's fine at the end of the day it won't matter everyone would just look the other way and erase history and pretend it was coming to PS4 all along anyway. Predictable apologist behavior.

RazzerRedux38d ago

You are seriously going to say you've not seen the posts from Xbox fans proclaiming Sony is forcing people to buy PS5 for MM Spider-man? I said, you have selective memory.

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SaveFerris39d ago

I guess Sony would not overlook the install base on PS4 for this title.

ApocalypseShadow39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

115 million? Nah.

Might as well get that money. I would. As Xbox fans would say, that's pro consumer.

Getting it on PS5 though.

SaveFerris39d ago

True. I'm going with the PS4 version for now, for economic reasons.

ApocalypseShadow39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I guess gamers don't like the fact that Sony will make even more money with games like this to offset the price of PS5 digital and physical.

39d ago
Father__Merrin39d ago

The graphics are insane I've been playing Vampyr on pc and look at the graphics compared to this

Mr Logic39d ago

Vampyr is like an A or AA game. No comparison.

ironmonkey39d ago

Vampyr? Thats a one A lol.

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