Final Fantasy 16 Trailer Revealed, Will Be a [Timed] Console Exclusive

During Sony's PS5 event, Sony had a surprise reveal and it's Square Enix's Final Fantasy XVI (Final Fantasy 16), and it's a console exclusive

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gamer780479d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Timed Exclusive as expected though. was hoping of more of a fantasy setting.

hulk_bash198779d ago

Pretty much expected, but man im loving the action based combat.

mikeslemonade79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Action rpg shovelware. Still same clunky action.

hulk_bash198779d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Hey man, your entitled to your opinion but it looks good to me.

Sonic-and-Crash79d ago

the only game that interested me more from the whole show

Greatball198778d ago

It's too bad there's players out there who are interested in Final Fantasy thanks to it being action, it ensures that the series will never recover.

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bouzebbal79d ago

No, it's console exclusive.. Your expectation is not correct.
I'm so happy for this, finally a main original episode.. I was so afraid it's another MMO

hulk_bash198779d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Square Enix doesnt make true exclusives anymore. FFVII remake was marketed as a console exclusive at launch. But it is coming to the Xbox One and PC.

bouzebbal79d ago

Whatever makes you happy.. I can't help with the understanding of what you're reading

79d ago
RememberThe35779d ago (Edited 79d ago )

@jemis It literally said console exclusive in the trailer so thats what we're going off of. The other times exclusives they showed off has fine print says such (Demon Souls). Sounds like you think Sonys FF7 deal carries over to FF16 and I'm doubtful your correct in that.

--Onilink--79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

We all know that both Sony and MS play A LOT with the terms of “exclusivity”, so a simple text on the trailer doesnt really confirm or deny that it could be a timed exclusive.
But who knows, maybe Sony did put in the cash to make sure its completely exclusive, its happened before
Given how FF15 even released on Switch and mobile, its very unlikely that Square will suddenly go from wanting to release on every platform imaginable, to just 2.

hulk_bash198779d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Has there been any platform exclusive games that SE has produced this whole generation? Ill wait. They've even released PS2 exclusive games (FFX, XII, KH) on all platforms. There is no way the next full installment of their biggest franchise is releasing exclusive to one console. Bet money

gamer780478d ago

Coming to Microsoft platform via PC. And you can bet eventually it will come to other consoles even if it’s a generation from now.

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BehindTheRows79d ago

No, it is a full console exclusive. Only coming to PC.

79d ago
Tech579d ago (Edited 79d ago )

this was interesting but i also have to say this hardly resembled the same quality of their luminous tech demos.
luminous (2012)

FF16 (luminous 2020)

this has been a very confusing moment for some next gen games.

--Onilink--79d ago

Actually the trailer they uploaded on the playstation channel explicitly mentions its a timed console exclusive

Tekken6663479d ago (Edited 79d ago )

@ tech
the luminous engine is very old i'm guessing. (2007)
FFVII Remake looks to have couple things better i think.

FF16 (luminous)

FFVII Remake (UE4)

I'm seeing richer colors, better skin lighting and better skin glows.

BehindTheRows78d ago

Seems this may have been updated? Timed?

gamer780478d ago

The screen at the end says exclusive tonps5 and coming to other platforms later. Plural.

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I like the more realistic setting actually.

79d ago
Italiano123456779d ago

Its not timed its on ps5 and pc. Nothing else

--Onilink--79d ago

Nope, go watch the trailer they uploaded on the playstation channel, it clearly mentions its a timed exclusive on consoles

gamer780478d ago

No it’s timed exclusive period, it will come to Xbox later in addition to PC

1Victor79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Let the downplay and WAH WAH WAH begin
$399.99 all digital
$499.99 standard.

79d ago
aarallen178d ago

Were you watching a different trailer? What are are you about? Seriously, I need to know.

Greatball198778d ago

I was hoping for more of an, oh I don't know...JRPG ...Apparently YAKUZA of all thing will be the only AAA turn-based JRPG of the entire eighth generation, and now knowing FFXVI is doing this again there's nothing on the horizon for the ninth.

gamer780478d ago

@Greatball it was pretty underhwelming, not excited at all about it right now.

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-Foxtrot79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Looks interesting

Old school setting

But I’m concerned the main character looks similar to Noct and hanging round those friends looks like the bro theme in XV aswell

Time will tell

Just change the hair colour and they’d be good

solideagle79d ago

I did not expect this to be quite honest with you

bouzebbal79d ago

Reminds me a lot of Ff12.. Cannot wait, an original ff episode!!

OzzY-waZZy79d ago

As a long time FF fan, this looked lame imo. Gave bro k pop vibes over the fantasy stuff. Didn't finish 15 and will be passing on this.

79d ago
Blade9279d ago

We got Naoki Yoshida from FF14 as the producer. We are in good hands. Why don't you actually watch more info from the game instead of just bashing on a short trailer.

Godmars29078d ago

Yeah. If they plan to go "old school" I expect/would like to see more fantasy races.

Tapani78d ago

Yes, Naoki Yoshida and the guy from Dragon's Dogma. This will be an interesting game for sure. My biggest concern is the DMC type of battle system. I want my FF series to be extremely fast turn-based, or slow action AKA Dark Souls.

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john of the dead79d ago

No way, a FF game where the characters look similar to other ones?

Edgelordsupreme78d ago

I'm as shocked as you are, these are truly the darkest of days.

Michiel198979d ago

while they are at it, they should change the name Joshua as well, really felt out of place as one of the main characters (supposedly) being called Joshua in a Final Fantasy game. Maybe its just me, but that name really didnt flow well for me.

Kaedro79d ago

Joshua is the name of the kid, not the name of the main character.

Michiel198978d ago

My bad, i didnt mean playable character, just an important member of the cast which he seems to be. The name just stood out to me as really odd in a FF game, especially since it was said out loud a couple times.

Godmars29078d ago

Looks like they reused/modded/refined the FF15 engine. Would explain the relatively quick turnaround. And if the quicker SSD is a factor, allowing quicker loading, larger areas and less redundant resource allocation, then there's - some - the excuse for it being PS5/PC only.

Greatball198778d ago

It looks like another uninspired button mashing action game wearing the face of Final Fantasy, Hannibal style.

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PhoenixUp79d ago

So much for those people who criticized me for saying Square Enix would release FFXVI before FFVIIR was fully complete

phoenixwing79d ago

I'm more than happy with this reveal. Final fantasy going back to their medieval roots with this entry was all i really wanted out of them for a final fantasy game.

andy8579d ago (Edited 79d ago )

2 minutes is all it took. Having FF16 as a PS and PC exclusive is a monumental blow to Xbox, never expected that

LegoIsAwesome79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Seems like Sony only cares if a game doesnt come to Xbox. So they got no problems with their exclusives coming to PC lol.

So whats the point of PS5 Sony?

Also am Im the only one who doesnt sees a "only on playstation" at the end of Spiderman trailer?

BehindTheRows79d ago

It's not really "their" exclusive and all of their games won't end up that way. Still yes, it is a huge win for PS5 right off the bat!

andy8579d ago

The point is they don't compete with PC, they compete with Xbox and getting the console rights to FFXVI does just that.

LegoIsAwesome79d ago

I hope Nintendo also doesnt compete with PC. That way all their exclusive will also come to PC.

amazingmax779d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Just get it on pc lol

Will run better too

jbull79d ago

In a perfect world yes but we've seen so many console games poorly optimized to run on PC.

Xristo79d ago (Edited 79d ago )


Yes, ports. They clearly said that this reveal was captured on a PC emulating the PS5 experience. I take that as being built on PC... not ported.

TheRealTedCruz79d ago


The crappy resolution and performance I was experiencing on 360 and PS3 is what pushed me to build my PC.

The "poor optimization" in games on PC , and it's far from usual for most PC games, tends to just mean "it doesn't make full use of your hardware, but still offers a better experience than had on console, as long as your PC is fairly recent".

Lionsguard79d ago

Yeah...if your PC is built for it..

jbull79d ago

Oh right didn't know it was running on PC, if thats the case it should be fine. I'm still having nightmares over Arkham Knight on PC.

Xristo78d ago


Arkham Knight was soooo bad on PC! You and me both!

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franwex79d ago

A pc that uses Windows, a Microsoft platform?

Why do Sony fanboys care so much about xbox games? They are obsessed.

Zodiac79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Waiting to see more. Hopefully arrives within the next 6 years lol. Also, as others have said, the title needs editing to timed exclusive.

Greatball198778d ago

I hope it releases fast so I can see the next disaster Square wants to pretend is Final Fantasy.