Left 4 Dead 2 The Last Stand Release Date Set for Sept. 24, Will Feature New Enemy Types & More

Left 4 Dead 2 The Last Stand release date is set for September 24, and we have a fresh new trailer too! Expect 30 new Achievements, new enemies & more.

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Knightofelemia39d ago

Valve should just make L4D3 if fans are putting this much work into L4D2 then it shows you fan support is there for the game its one of my fave run and gun games. If Valve made L4D3 it would be an automatic day one purchase for me.

spicelicka38d ago

Honestly. It's also one of those games that would really benefit from more power systems. Imagine a horde of hundreds of zombies all on screen at once in a co-op game like this, we can only dream at this point.

FlyingFoxy38d ago

2 new mutations? Wait what.. Mutations are game modes, not new enemies. Is there a mix up here between mutations and special infected or are there actual new enemies?