Super Mario 3D All-Stars Review (TheSixthAxis)

Do people generally make a fuss about 35th birthdays? Once you reach adulthood, I thought it was mainly every 10th birthday that was a “big” one, maybe with 65 thrown in to celebrate being able to collect your state pension. Nintendo, as always, have decided to buck the trend, overthrow tradition and do things their own way. They’re really going all-out for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., starting off with the release of Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

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TGGJustin216d ago

These are the kind of scores it deserves. They are still good games but the overall remaster package is poor.

Unknown_Gamer5794216d ago

Yeah...I imagine compilations are difficult to score for this reason. Do you judge them purely on the games included, do you look at emulation and/or remastering quality, extra content, or some combination of all of the above (which I think is generally how they’re scored)? Some such reviews even go off on tangents about menus.

Conversely, a typical modern game tends to be reviewed as a game. There are far fewer moving parts to consider there as it’s all just a deep dive into the game itself.

mkis007216d ago

They were judged at release on how good they were, so unless you do a remake, the game itself shouldn't be judged as highly as the package.

Unknown_Gamer5794216d ago

@mkis007 That is true, though there are factors such as quantity of games, how well said games hold up today (which isn't really an issue with classic Mario titles), and how they play in their current format including controls (Nintendo has a history of different control schemes and all three games here were actually originally played with different controllers). It's not all about menus, resolution options and extras. Some time will need to be spent playing each of the games, which in and of itself would be more of a process than, say, when reviews were written for Odyssey.

whitbyfox216d ago

Isn’t thesixthaxis a playstation fansite?

originaljonty216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Nope. Been multiplatform for years and in 2017 awarded the GOTY award to Breath of the Wild with Super Mario Odyssey being a runner up.