Square Enix's Move To The 360: A Terrible Mistake?

OXCGN staff debate for and against the recent moves by Square Enix to widen their horizons and pursue the Western markets with an increased emphasis on supporting the Xbox 360:

Excerpt from the FOR argument:

"There will be a learning curve but essentially it is a move that if approached correctly could see some bigger games coming out, changing RPG's and other games that we have grown to love.

Sure we will still have our JRPG's (Japanese Roleplaying Games) but here is an opportunity to amalgamate to styles into the one game and even if it only stays afloat for a short period of time I am sure it will deliver something special.

It is a big step for any company such as Square Enix and wont be cheap however the gamble could really pay off."

Excerpt from the AGAINST argument:

"As a hardcore JRPG fan, I have to lay all my cards on the table. I could sit here and tell you that Square Enix's support for the Xbox 360 has brought about a wonderful new era in gaming, or that their 360 outings have produced stellar results, but I won't. I won't try and convince you otherwise because we both know it's not true.

Last Remnant is currently in my Xbox and I'm contemplating how the mighty have fallen."

Hit the link for the full debate and a commentary at the end:

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alexM4247d ago

SQUARE is losing reputation in the process

gaminoz4247d ago

Only if they make crap games. Can they do anything amazing except Final Fantasy 3 Billion and five?

alexM4247d ago

Honestly i think FF13 will be crap too

when companies focus too much on money then this is what happens.
IU flopped, LR flopped , SO4 will flop too (tri ace doesnt make good games)

FF13 will be downgraded for x360 as usual

Honestly just like TECMO Square is finished

XboxOZ3604247d ago

Unless you've been living in a cave, the world revolves around money, without it, companies can not grow, pay salaries, taxes, keep shareholders happy, which in turn pushes more working capital into the business in order for it to fund "future" products. Which is how the entertainment business works.

It works on a future product,not a product that is being used daily like a TV or car. A Company MUST look at income and how to maintain it. Just about EVERY major developer and publishing house is actually LOSING money . despite pulling in huge $$'s that you see through sales, even Ubisoft lost $310MILLION in the last quarter . . Not last year, but in the last FOUR MONTHS.

WIIIS14247d ago

Don't mind alexM, she/it is just another of Nasim's multiple identities, so anything she/it says is just your garden variety delusional fangirl BS crap.

Nasim's such a whiny loser she/it'll start sending you PMs cursing and swearing and when she/it can't keep up with your PM exchanges, she/it will block you from PMs HA!

Then she/it will assume the identity of another one of her/its other multiple accounts hoping that people would have forgotten it is really just Nasim and try to make comments that pass off as the possible beginnings of intelligence. But it is all a horrible facade because the stark raving lunacy will soon surface again.

HEY NASIM!! According to you FFXIII is going to be crap eh? As opposed to say... your WKC yes?? WKC which is a sure AAA winner that will sell so many PS3s that it will put Wii in 2nd place, right??

earwax4247d ago

Your Rep is $hit too you fvcking 30 screen name having LOSER

pp_4247d ago

Sqaure follows the money every time. It's Microslaves only weapon.

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 4247d ago

The honest truth....there are very few 360 owners who bought it for rpgs...I know I didnt

sushipoop4247d ago

The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery = Both published by Square-Enix and they are also the two WORST rated JRPG's of the year. They're dead to me. Don't care about FFXIII either. At least Versus XIII looks different, unlike any other FF. Rumors say it will be rated M too. Can't freaking wait.

XboxOZ3604247d ago

I'd agree with you there, but still, point is, a major studio and firm is - should I say, Has moved to the platform, and it could spell bad things for them if they lose the following they once had in Japan.

Japanese people as a nation are fickled at best when it comes to whatthey support. If they see a company 'deserting them" they usually do not take kindly to it. Look at Sony. Nindi has stayed true to its main supporters. The Japanese.

They (Japanese) have made it the highest selling console and platform as a whole over all others. Sony, the once loved platform of Japan is now run by Gajins and they (Japanese) are nit taking kindly to that, and it is reflected in how they treat the company locally.

Peter Griffin4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

w/e the case is, im still waiting for XIII's deliverance. ill say this over and over but the engine that was running Versus and XIII is perhaps til this day the best graphics i ever seen.

only Crysis and K2 fall within its catergory

ZackFair4247d ago

The keyword here is 'published'.

Square Enix did not create Infinite Undiscovery, Tri-ace did. As for Last Remnant, that was developed by the less talented SaGa series team.

And it shows. Luckily the teams that matter are busy working on XIII and Versus.

NaiNaiNai4247d ago

dont forget that tri-ace is putting all of there effort into star ocean 4, so its not surprising, tell me what other games besides FF and KH have been good from SE, you got remember, they are putting these games out so poeple have something to play while they are working on there best titles. tell me what was the gap between FFX and FFXII. alot and both games where good. same for KHI and KHII. you people seem to forget before they only made those games. now they put out extra for you and you hate it and want to leave. T_T because they wanted to give extra.

pavarotti4247d ago

that's what i thought. i think perhaps articles like this should wait until final fantasy is here. if the flag-ship title bombs, then it's certain that square have lost their magic. until then, the rest is speculation.

plus, if you want hits for your web-site, you only have to post something negative with 360 in the title for a massive hit boost from n4g.

el_bandito4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

SE sure will get a lot of $ going multi-plat.

Many have swallowed already the FFXIII-to-360-jawdropper that led to the delay of the PS3 version, but with Infinite Discovery and Last Remnant...

Boy! SE sure did lose some of it's good rep.

As one guy from N4G commented, SE is fastly becoming the EA of Japan. They get money constantly that they don't mind already how good or crappy their games are.

Willio4247d ago

I wouldnt buy FF13 since it went multiplatform. Since Square-enix went multiplatform, the quality has to be equal so as a result, xbox360 will gimp the PS3 version. Its not even a conspiracy, just face the facts.

gaminoz4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

@ Pavarotti

Mate you need to READ the article, despite the title. It's a DEBATE, which means one guys is FOR and one guy is AGAINST. The title is suggestive of what a lot of people are saying out it a stuff up?

I guess you're right about people being more attracted to negative, but that's in most of these N4G articles....Mind you don't you think it interesting a 360 site has that as a title? You'd expect that from a PS3 site wanting to drag the whole Square Enix going to 360 thing down.

pavarotti4247d ago

it doesn't matter that the site has 360 in the title, you're a contributor, and have obviously been around to know how it works on n4g.

how many replys and hits do you think it would get without a bit of 360 negativity in the title?? not many. i'm sorry if i sound cynical, but there's plenty of sites that leech hits from this site by doing negative 360 stuff. your part of the world aswell) is a site that automatically springs to mind...there's others whos name escapes me.

and the thing is, se have only published some of the recent under-performing games, they've not developed them. as i said, until ff13 is here, judgement should be reserved.

anyway, pm later if i was right and you recieved an influx of traffic to your site toiday.....i think you will!

gaminoz4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

@ Pavarotti

What are you on about? Do you have an anti-Australia site thing?

I read a lot of Gameplayer stuff and they have views that often contradict the majority here: some of their writers were pro WW2 when almost everyone here said COD WAW wouldn't work and there were too many WW2 games (all 2 this year). So I don't think they try to put anti-360 headlines out there for hits either; they just put up controversal opinions. Which is good...

I think you are suffering from the fact that there IS a lot of Sony fanboyism on N4G: I've seen plenty of it. But 360 fanboyism isn't any better.

You are right about waiting and seeing, but part of the fun of gaming is anticipation and the debate about if a game will or will not live up to expectation.

A lot of people here haven't been spouting anti-360 rubbish; they have a variety of opinions including the Square and Enix mix, the fact that making a game on 360 seems to make them feel like they need to Westernise more then if they stayed with Sony, and the engine used now. Also the question: was it really a coup for the 360 to have Square Enix anyway, the way they are going?

JoySticksFTW4247d ago

I understand that it's a business, but really... this new direction in just pushing out games just smacks of EA tactics.

Oh, Square will still have a hit or two every few years, but the glory days of their "every game is special" mentality seems to be gone.

No more FFI-XII, Mother/Earthbound, CronoTrigger/CronoCross, Xenogears, Parasite Eve quality titles year after year

ultimolu4247d ago

I see these games (Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant) as a way for Square to make quick cash.

It's just disgusting on their part.

XboxOZ3604247d ago

It NEEDS to in order to survive in todays market place.

As hard as it might be to understand, these companies do HAVE to make a profit, and continue to grow and expand. They have these funny things called "Shareholders' - -They actually supply the MONEY that allows companies to future-invest, without which, they would not be able to fund a single game to the tune of say $US20 - $US50 mil.

So you'll have to forgive them for wanting to become the biggest at what they do. Yes, they are looking at becoming the biggest known Japanese Based Publishing and Development house. So bloody what. Get a grip, without them doing that, they will have to close their doors for good.

Investors have this funny thing about slipping market shares, and they do this odd thing by removing their portfolios (read lots and lots one money) from supporting that company, and re-invest it into one that is moving ahead, even if it may well be showing a loss at the time. It's called future capital investing.

Ubisoft is French Canadian based Publishing and Development house, no different to Square Enix. Except that SE is based in Japan,and has had primarily a Japanese user base. In order for it to grow and stay "viable" it MUS open up to the west and opther markets - or face the distinct possibility of having to shut down or at least minimise it's ventures. Which is again, not what investors want.

Sure sure, what the hell t=do many gamers care about stocks, shares and investors. Well, without them, you'd have NO BLOODY GAMES to complain and moan about

kazuma4247d ago

i don't blame the move to 360, what i blame is that they're saying to ppl "we're going for a more global approach on our games", and then they clearly release more stuff on 360 than on ps3 and wii combined and u have to be blind not to see they're after the american market.
ds < psp < 360 < ps3 + wii
i mean honestly what's with all the crap about forgetting the two biggest japanese consoles and forgetting the two most sold consoles in europe? (and honestly let's not even start about sold console crap, ps3 and wii dominate asia and europe. period) still u can't fool me square, it's obvious you just want the american market.
can't really blame them, it is a big market but AT LEAST make the games good, not the crap that undiscovery and remnant turned out.
i'm fearing for star ocean 4 honestly...all this approach to more "americanized" rpg's clearly is not working and just making them SH*T

el_bandito4247d ago


I'm not whining about how SE is growing up into one major developing tycoons in the gaming industry. It's just good for business in pure sense. What I do not get is, how come SE, despite being endowed with these monetary opportunities, have failed as of the moment to even come close to creating the epic games they did before. Square Co. did the FF series, while Enix did the Dragon Quest Series without a budget as big as they have right now. If they did quality games back then, they should be able to do it again, especially with the recent merger that have given them more room to gain popularity outside of Japan.

Man_of_the_year4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

You are absolutley right. Their recent games or published games with Tri-Ace deving them are less than spectacular and they are pushed out to generate money while FFXIII and Versus receive the proper attention that they deserve.

AAACE54247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

The japanese will get FFXIII exclusively on Ps3, so their so called loyalty can live on!

If you look through the history of Ps2 games, there have been alot of games from Square and Enix and alot of other developers that were crap... But no one cared about them much. But now those developers are making games for 360, now every game is under a microscope!

Everyone says the 360's architecture is similar to a PC, so the learning curve shouldn't be that hard, considering all games are made using a PC. Not to mention, most games are made using a multiplat engine. Also FFXIII is being made with the White engine, which is a multiplat engine to begin with!

Seriously people... Just let it go!

@Arrrgh... I know, but I am an optimist. I keep hoping one day it might work... Hahaha!

4247d ago
kevnb4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

its really getting annoying. In the end, all the hate is just because FFXIII is going to the 360. It's not like Square hasn't put out many mediocre games all along. Dirge of Cerberus, Threads of Fate, Radiata Stories, Parasite Eve, Legend of Mana, Musashi Samurai Legend, Drakengard, Dawn of Mana, Unlimited SaGa, the Bouncer are just a few of the many many examples of Square games that are mediocre or worse.

kazuma4247d ago

seriously, putting together parasite eve with square-enix shovelware? that's just...i don't have the words for it.
oh and btw some of those games are considerably "better" than undiscovery and remnant.
god to even think ur comparing parasite eve (1 OR 2) to such crapiness...

kevnb4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

you missed the point, parasite eve is mediocre. I'd much rather be playing Resident Evil. But if you like it, just scratch it from the list.

Immortal Kaim4247d ago

If people actually read the article they would see it is in the form of a debate. One is arguing 'for' the move to the 360, the other is 'against' the move. How is it fanboyish?

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gaminoz4247d ago

I can't really say that Square Enix (despite all the hooplah about them making games for the 360) have really set the world on fire with their games.

Though to be honest I find Japanese RPGs to be overly long, with too many cut scenes or (gasp) reading and not enough gaming. I find the graphical achievements are sometimes amazing and the emphasis on storytelling is laudable, but it doesn't keep my interest.

Can a combinaton of Western and Eastern style make a strong hybrid that appeals more? Maybe. I think they'll have to adapt more than they have so far though, and many won't like that.

As for a former exclusive Sony game maker going to the 360: it is obvious that all of the Japanese developers need to do this for more profitability. Look at Capcom. Good decision for them and their bank accounts. Staying with one console (360 or PS3) just isn't financially logical anymore.

mesh14247d ago

BEFORE THE 360 CAME OUT SQUARE ENIX HAVE BEEN MAKING AVERAGE RPGS . WHEN THEY WERE SQAYRE THEY MADE GOOD RPGD i love how these sony fanboy sites try and associates the down fall of this company top going towards the 360 platform when they have been flopping on sony machines for a while.

zag4247d ago

Square Enix never existed back then it was square only.

The Desginer/maker at Square after FF7 Did the FF movie it sucked up too much cash and Enix another software company or bank? bought out Square and kept the Square in the name as everyone knew that.

The orginal FF designer/maker left Square Enix or got shoved out and FF has been everything under the sun, different groups different stories, I really liked FF7 but I find the story after 7 is just too hay wire to follow.

I think Square Enix is only going to the 360 because the 360 has a large market in the USA, it's like they are only gearing themselves for a move to the US and the japan side is sort of being dragged over to the USA way of thinking.

Which is why people are questioning Square Enix's plans.

I think they may have moved far too much to the 360 in the 1 go.

Immortal Kaim4247d ago

Agreed. Though a 360 owner myself, I can see this transition to the West as a wrong move by Square Enix (at least to the extent they have moved).

The simple fact is, JRPG's have always been a niche' market, by trying to expand and incorporate gamers who traditionally stayed away from JRPG's (maybe because of their perceived complexity) and developing games with toned down gameplay mechanics, they are losing the very audience who enjoy the genre' in the first place.

Dare I say it, I don't even own a PS3 but maybe they should have left FF XIII on the one system...

AAACE54247d ago

I know alot of you guys love Jrpg's, but SE have to see that companies like Bethesda are taking money and fans away from them! What if their plan is to merge the two? To make games more action oriented.

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Godem4247d ago

I love my 360 as much as the PS3..

but my god... keep the final fantasy's with Sony....

yoshiroaka4247d ago

I think its not about platform but about money.
Squarenix just doesnt seem to be putting any effort int o their titles (with the exception of final fantasy 13). They have just been churning out remakes of old games and cheap spin offs of their popular titles in an effort to milk their name.

The last remnant from what reviews say just sounds like they licensed the unreal engine and threw out a quick game to make some holiday money. With out taking the proper time to develop a good game and releasing a buggy flawed experience.

Now this may due to the $$ woes but in my opinion Squarenix hasnt taken this gen seriously yet.

XboxOZ3604247d ago

Yep, agree 100% . .it's a fact that many companies must worry about the $$ . you do know they are in it for the money, not just to make you (us) games for the love of it. They have stockholder to keep happy, tens of thousands of employees to feed and cloth as well as high salaries to maintain to keep the best ppl there.

So yes, it is about $$, but for a good reason, but also, yes, they have not been doing their best as they once did. And it is showing. Many treat the FF series as the second coming to Christ . it isn't . .but still, they do for some odd reason.