The Most Influential Developers of 2008

Be it on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo or PC through 2008 we have seen many great games, but only a few influential ones that will really leave a legacy on the future of gaming. This in-depth gameplayer article details the few developers that delivered something truly worth remembering in 2008.

"Over the course of the next few pages we'll name names and point both fingers and toes. We'll put developers up on stages and bathe them in spotlights. We'll flash huge neon signs above their heads while belting out praise on megaphones, backed by a symphony choir no less. For these are the developers that really made a difference in 2008: those who we believe contributed something so extraordinary to the industry that we'll look back at them in future generations with nods of respect and glowing worship."

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SlappingOysters4245d ago

This made me feel really good about what gaming has achieved in 2008. It really has been a great year where the next-generation has come of age. so much quality variety.

rock on!

The Matrix4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Insoniac- Most influential developer in the history of video games in my opinion.

Rockstar also influential but never a fan of the gta games. Nintendo meh I wasn't playing video games when they were making good games.

ngg123454245d ago

Rockstar North
Kojima Productions
Media Molecule
Lionshead studio
guy who made braid
Anyone else?

SlappingOysters4245d ago

you were close... you could of course try reading it lol. Although i know that is not standard n4g policy

SlappingOysters4245d ago

Would seem that way.

Although I think Xbox had a stronger, if less revolutionary line-up

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The story is too old to be commented.