How does the Xbox Series X launch lineup compare to Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox?

History repeats: here's how the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S launch titles stack up against previous generations

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Diver14d ago

you dont wanna do this.

darthv7214d ago

Im in it for a new ride. Dont care that it uses the same gas. Im more excited at whats under the hood and how it handles the roads I travel. New roads will happen as they are built but until then.....

gentlemen, start your engines.

Atticus_finch14d ago

I like your positivity, let's hope team Xbox doesn't let it's fan down again. Fingers crossed!

bouzebbal14d ago

🙄 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️
You manage to make me facepalm everytime, but this one is too much.. You don't care about gas quality, only engine? What a ridiculous vision you have

curtain_swoosh14d ago

and may the best fanboy, win

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Atticus_finch14d ago

Week launch line up perfectly suited for the weakest next gen console.

IRetrouk14d ago

Terribly, this is eye opening no?

Spectator114d ago

I mean, the launch line-up is going to be weak, I think that's obvious, but there will be more titles than are listed in the article. The article lists the confirmed ones *so far* - but there are a number of third party Q4 releases (mostly multiplats) that will almost certainly get release dates that line up with the XSX/S launch.

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