Xbox Series S's Price Puts Sony And PS5 In A Difficult Position

With Microsoft catering to both ends of the console market, Sony might be left in an awkward position ahead of the PS5 price reveal.

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darthv7214d ago

Yeah... I dont think so. Regardless of price, the PS5 is gonna be just fine. In fact, both will be fine. Id even go so far as to say there may be more multi platform owners this coming gen than current. Prob not as many as the 7th gen but still pretty respectable spread for both Sony and MS.

Jericho133713d ago

If you're looking at the casual market then yes it does. Has virtually no impact on the hardcore market though.

1Victor14d ago

One thing I can guarantee you is that Microsoft is sweating bullets waiting for Sony to reveal the PS5 price and hoping they don’t undercut their price. Ether way it’s Sony win if they had planned to be 399.99 they can go to 499.99 and make more money or if they was going to be $499.99 they can undercut it $50.00 and sale more consoles ether way it’s Sony win

TheScotsman14d ago

They can't stop laughing at it, the position there in is bent over with laughter lol

RazzerRedux14d ago

But Microsoft doesn't care about winning console wars. Right?

14d ago
System_Call14d ago

That's what Phil Spencer said.

TheScotsman14d ago

This is the reason I'll get a series x eventually, no games right now means no rush to replace my one x. So ps5 first them maybe as the new games finally arrive I'll pick one up

CaptainHenry91614d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Series S is not a next generation console. Can't even do 4K 60fps

AngelicIceDiamond14d ago

That's the point that's what the X is for genius. The S runs games at 1440p at 60fps so you're dead wrong on the frames they announced it has the same CPU speed as the X. It shares the same RDNA2 architecture as the PS5, X Series and PC its a cheap disc less entry lvl machine.

Don't spread misinformation you know I HATE when ppl do that....

CaptainHenry91614d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Again it can't do 4k 60fps so stfu genius. It's not an next generation console

Rude-ro14d ago

The hdmi is not updated
The wifi is not updated
The power is less than half
Then Microsoft’s abysmal support of being a “gaming” company.
The s is for those that “think” it is something it ain’t and Microsoft and their forum fans will help sell it as such.
They announced the x and the future in one show... and they could not even future proof it..
Two years, and Microsoft will release an updated console... again... while their fan base is still waiting for Microsoft to deliver.

waverider14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

If you hate lies, then say the truth cpu cut in speed, low RAM, low and slow bandwith, low end gpu. Bottom line its a cross gen console. Not next gen. The series x got is like 3 or 4 times more power. Spend more 100 and get a true next gen

Ju13d ago

It's promoted for _up to_ 1440p and 60fps, not baseline [email protected] 4TF will do (mostly) [email protected] with some exceptions pushing this to 1440p. If with comparable visuals to its big siblings this thing will have a really hard time to match it and still output [email protected] Just not enough RAM and bandwidth. If you don't believe this, wait until we will get our comparisons in here. But all of you guys buy the XX anyway, am I right?

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NeoGamer23214d ago

So, if I have a 1080p TV, I have to buy a 4K console at anywhere from $100-200 more to play next gen games?

FYI. The console will do up to 120 FPS.

darkWingsoul14d ago

Its late 2020, next gen consoles are upon us, time for a 4k TV bud.

14d ago
DJStotty13d ago (Edited 13d ago )


If you have a 1080p tv then the Series S is for you, will play all the games that the Series X will, just at a lower resolution.

Ju13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

So, you have a 1080p TV but it does 120fps? Unlikely.

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The_Sage14d ago

This guy again... Always saying crazy crap. Joe Biden, is that you?

BrettAwesome13d ago

But you don't really believe that. Why would you say that? Spread'n lies n' nasty rumours like that? That ain't right, Donnie! You hear me?

Donnie8113d ago

It was a joke guys come on. The ps5 can run games at 4k no doubt about it. Especially cross gen games

AngelicIceDiamond14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Then buy the PS5 X, or PC versions and stop complaining about stuff you know nothing about. Because you don't know anything. Its PS4 and X1 argument all over again one is 900p and 1080 but yet the consoles still ran at 30. The blurry console its not next gen! Wait here's an idea maybe the X1 wasn't next gen for its time. Omg we figured it out Captain! lets run with that! You're so smart!

@Rude Yep that's the point to keep the price low you got it. baby steps one of you kids is slowly starting to get it. Nice little fanboy theory btw as you know idc.

@Wave Then why did MS say it can do 1440p up to 60 and 120 frames then? I got facts you got lies so who wins? Anyone else wanna lie that I can easily correct? Make believe facts vs actual facts? I got banned for a month for aggressively cleaning up peoples lies I need to be careful.

Ju13d ago

4TF 1440p @ 60fps. Enough said.

DJStotty13d ago


Its not meant to do 4K, do you not follow gaming? It is a low spec machine that can play next-gen games, with SSD features, raytracing, at max resolution 1440p upto 120 frames per second.

Funny thing is, these new games will run on the Series S, but will not be able to run on the xbox one X, so yeah, it is a next gen console for MS.

Ju13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I guess you would be surprised how this will compare to the X1X. Oh wait, there is no more X1X. Makes me wonder why? /s

In all fairness, the X1X would not survive against the XS. Not for $100 more. And cutting cost below $299 for the X was most likely impossible. But that's what the XS is for, replacing the X1X at a lower price point (and cut some stuff, add something else).

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blackblades14d ago

BS stop with this nonsense articles.

crazyCoconuts14d ago

Yup, here we go again. Where's the articles about the trouble MS will be in if Sony goes in at $499 and $399? So all out industry pundits think this will be perfectly fine for Xbox? Call me crazy but I think MS will get destroyed at those prices.

aryman14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

You, blind fanboys of Sony, will never admit it, but MS great price just got us all a $ 100 rebate on the PS5 relative to their planned price ($ 599). Competition is good. If Microsoft were not there, Sony would have fckd PS fanboys even more than now (no backward compatibility, no equivalent of xbox pass, unoriginal exclusives, weak sequels, like TLOU 2).

crazyCoconuts14d ago

wow @aryman are you for real?

BrettAwesome13d ago

Well ps plus just got a huge boost tonight. And don't worry about competition. That's what Nintendo is for. M$ is playing catch up to both. Funny. It's the same with exclusives. M$ is fucked! The Series S has become a shitty deal overnight. Who wants to pay $299
for a half assed box with no exclusives, when you can buy a true PS5 for $399? NObody. That's who. Nooooooooooooooooobody

Knightofelemia14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Not really if you look at it you get more bang for your buck with the PS5 which has the exclusives that pop out and grab the attention of the customer. When you buy a PS5 and play Spiderman 2 or Horizon 2 you're going to say holy shit this looks and feels great. With Series S you just hear crickets chirp due to the lack of exclusives that draw the attention of the customer.I am not grabbing the all digital PS5 but yet again you get access to the exclusives Sony pumps out and draws yet again the customers attention. And kinda hard to play older Xbox physical games on Series S with no disc drive and Microsoft said the next gen Xbox is backwards compatible and I am not rebuying the games digitally when I all ready own them. When I saw Microsoft's showcase for the next gen Xbox nothing was there to grab my attention and said I need a new Xbox day one. I am not a Halo fan but if you bugger up a big exclusive like that then something is wrong.

Knightofelemia13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

So are the exclusives on the next gen Xbox side

DJStotty13d ago

Not many from the ps5 showcase either

13d ago
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