Why Xbox Series X Is Priced So Aggressively

A top executive at Xbox explains why Microsoft priced the new Xbox consoles so low.

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crazyCoconuts14d ago

$500 for a console is not an aggressive price point

fiveby914d ago

I agree. I think it's an acceptable console price point but not shockingly low. It met expectations for most.

Mithan14d ago

I agree, however it depends on your perspective. Many think we are getting a very good deal for that price. ie- it should have cost more due to the GPU involved.

Whatever. In 6-7 years, we will be packing it away for the Xbox 5 and PS6 ;)

NeoGamer23214d ago (Edited 14d ago )

It is aggressive for the components in it.

Go and make a similarly configured PC for that price.

crazyCoconuts14d ago

same could be said for all consoles at launch. so i guess they're all "aggressive".

VenomCarnage8913d ago

If we were to judge the severity of the "aggressiveness," the series x would be even more aggressive than other already aggressively priced consoles. Everyone is speaking relatively here

porkChop14d ago

For the specs it is. Some people were actually expecting $600+ for the SX. It's great value for the hardware.

crazyCoconuts14d ago

It is a great value for the hardware. It's also on the high end for a game console. $600 would have been a failure worse than X1X (sales wise, not hardware wise)

ziggurcat14d ago

It is when you consider the tech inside the box.

derek14d ago

Notice how they adopt Microsoft language on price without questioning it.

Fluttershy7714d ago

I mean yeah... is hilarious. And these messages kind of become standard, we all accept them...
A lot of people now thinks that $500 is also a good, low desirable price for the PS5...

darthv7214d ago

thinking back to some key consoles and their price points like the $700 3DO, the $600 Neo Geo and of course the $600 PS3... the SX is very attractive. And I expect the PS5 to be just as attractive (since Sony said they would never go back to a $600 console again).

itsmebryan13d ago

For the power you get it's a great price. Remember when the specs for the Series X leaked people thought it would be $ 600 or $700. To come in at $500 is great and the $ 35 a month with services ( gamepass, Xbox live, and EA play) all at a discount for buying each outright steal.

CaptainHenry91613d ago

Well after seeing the Halo demo one can wonder if the price is too high 🤔

DCarnage13d ago

Cheaper than most cell phones, same with the PS5. Good cellphones are twice the price with mostly crappy games.

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darkWingsoul14d ago

"and they came in lower than some might have imagined"

They came in right where most had predicted.

Zeref13d ago

there were definitely a lot of people saying it's gonna be 599

darkWingsoul13d ago

Happily they got it wrong. :)

enkiduxiv14d ago

"Engagement equals Currency." Translation: "Please buy our garbage console and subscription so that you can spend as much money on micro transactions as possible."

I really hate the fact that these guys bought both Obsidian and InXile. Prepare for a lot disappointing Destiny Clones like Anthem this gen.

Zeref13d ago

If the Series X is garbage, what is the significantly less powerful PS5? 🤔

RazzerRedux14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

"Microsoft recently announced the prices of the Xbox Series S ($300) and Xbox Series X ($500), and they came in lower than some might have imagined, especially the lower-spec S model. "

Not sure whose imaginations we are talking about here. The $500 price point is what a lot of folks were expecting. I certainly wasn't expecting it to be any higher than that after Phil Spencer said they would be "agile" on price. Either way, how is this a "low" price for a console? Consoles are not designed to make money on the hardware at all and even lose money often times. This is typical, but suddenly it is being described as "aggressive"? If PS5 is the same price then I'll say the same thing. It isn't priced "low" at all.

"Our goal was to increase that top-of-funnel as fast as possible, get people into the ecosystem, get people into that next-gen experience, and frankly kind of kick-start this generation as fast as we can," Stuart said. "If you can get that install base as big as you can up front, you have customers enjoying the next-gen experiences we have to offer. And from a business side, we start to monetize and build a customer lifetime value much faster than a slow build over time."

So much for the "Microsoft doesn't care if you buy Xbox Series S/X or not" bullshit.

crazyCoconuts14d ago

What I don't get is how some of these outlets seem to have coordinated articles supporting Xbox's dire situation as being fantastic right before a PS conference. It's weird the timing of these articles that defy common sense and judgement and seem to prop up the weakest contender. If I saw an equal number of articles on the other side I'd think nothing of it.. like where are the articles that predict Sony is about to make the XSS/X irrelevant? Is it just me?

crazyCoconuts14d ago

OK - look at the "Hot" section of N4G right now. I screenshotted it, it's so crazy. Nearly everything would make you think Xbox is gonna crush it. PS5 controllers are too much, Sony on the defensive about number of consoles avail at launch, Sony hiding prices, MS is about value, and they'll do great, etc...
Sony is outselling MS at least 3:1 and has a big conference in a few hours - you wouldn't guess that by looking at these articles...strange

RazzerRedux14d ago

I think these sites are just generating as much click bait as they can because they folks are looking for information leading up to the show. Real "journalism" died a long time ago with every tiny wordpress site run by 12 year olds pretending they are the New York Times of gaming. I just laugh it all off.

Valkron114d ago

It would have been nice to get a price today though.

Sirk7x13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I think that people are excited about MS potentially being a real contender again, after getting trounced last gen. The original Xbox and 360 were great consoles (rrod aside), and brought many new innovations to the industry. They messed up bad with the One, aside from imo, superior online experience and UI.

Imortus_san14d ago

"Consoles are not designed to make money on the hardware " - Nintendo says you are crazy.

danny81814d ago

what is inside the X is what had so many people in the $600 range. $500 is widely acceptable however which is why they went that route. They might be taking a loss. Back in Febuary it was said it was costing Sony $470 to make a ps5. Assuming the console was finalized

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ZeroBlue214d ago

Aggressive? How is $500 remotely agressive?

TheScotsman14d ago

Cause the hardware justifys a 650 or more price. they not making a dime off series x that's for sure. But when you got no games to release with your killer console you gotta take the hit and make the console seem good in other ways

Fluttershy7714d ago

The Hardware always justify a 650 or more price. We all heard that tale before.

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