Predicting Tomorrow's PlayStation 5 Event?

As tomorrow's PlayStation 5 event draws near. Here is a break down of what we think could possibly be revealed at the event.

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pwnmaster300014d ago

I don’t get why people expect all this surprises.
It’s a good way to be disappointed.
I’m just hoping for a price.
I don’t see myself buying a ps5 now since I have way too many back log for PS4.

AnnaDea14d ago

It's today in the majority of the world lol

kryteris14d ago

resistance or a proper shooter.

Gameplayer114d ago

Buy the Xbox then,and you'll get plenty of that shit!!! 😂

DragonWarrior1914d ago

Demon's Souls day 1 is honestly all I need to hear.

Lexreborn213d ago

I predict a big trouble in little China game adaptation