Value Is The Focus Of Xbox Next Generation

A conclusion can be drawn after this massive blowout of next generation Xbox news. Value is the key factor for Xbox going forward.

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masterfox14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Its current value is very poor in content, MS can you please show me what a next gen game look like to you? , and please not another Craig.

chrisx14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Yeah we all see through the B.S of articles like this, it's ridiculous. This is ps4/xbone gen literally repeating itself.

crazyCoconuts14d ago

And the claim that some make that Game Pass is undisputably the "best value in gaming" is just wrong. When you can play and stream at least twice the number of games for 1/3 - 1/2 the cost of Game Pass on PS Now, that statement is false.
Also you can do free 2 play online without PS Plus. Playstation has the better value and the better games. A $299 console changes nothing.

darthv7214d ago

So which Xbox are you going to get Chris? I mean its the reason you comment so much in XB related articles. You have a strong closet attraction to Xbox so just come out already. Be honest with yourself and stand up to those who would look down on you for admitting you really do like them. Im sure more people would stand up with you. Like i said... come to the dark side. We have cookies.

BillyG0AT14d ago

Do things like this annoy you?

dantesparda14d ago

Value?! Yuck, the XS is more like a worthless POS. It shouldnt exist, its pointless and WILL hold the gen back.


Admit it Chris. You want that thick black hunk of TFLOPS in your living room! 🤣

ABizzel114d ago

Value is always great and a good reason to buy a console. However, games are the most important reason to buy a console, and without any AAA 1st IP's games launching until sometime in 2021 (Halo nad hopefully Forza) nor any new AAA 1st party games launching until more than likely early 2022, the value Xbox is offering is only towards their existing fans who stuck with them throughout the XBO generation, those of us who are generally multiplatform / omniplatform owners, and maybe to gamers of other platforms holiday 2022 and by then the PS5 lead will be too great.

I think MS has a great console with the Series X, and a decent console with the Series S that offers as they said and as Xbox Execs tune has changed to, value. They just have to get the games.

Koolaidude14d ago

Was there a need to have literally in that sentence? Unless you’re Jesus, then you can’t predict a gen.

Army_of_Darkness14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

MS: focus on getting as many subscribers as possible!!! All I care about is taking money out of the customer's pocket legally every month with as little effort as possible!

Sony: we need more great exclusives at a faster rate!

Unspoken13d ago

Bravo MS for looking at the current trends and offering choice to consumers. Love it!

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Gunstar7514d ago

MS Flight Sim looks pretty next gen.

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potatoseal14d ago

Focus should be on massive AAA games. But that will never happen again. Not with all their eggs in Gamepass.

moriarty188914d ago

agreed. Gamepass is all Phil cares about. They forgot what a AAA game is completely. Just gamepass filler and indies to justify subs.

aconnellan14d ago

"They forgot what a AAA game is completely. Just gamepass filler and indies to justify subs"

I guess you missed Flight Simulator's release

AngelicIceDiamond14d ago

Ever wild, New IP from The Initiative rumored AAA perfect dark also say hi.

RightFootGames14d ago


Yea, but when will those be out 22-24 at the soonest?

Microsoft can't even show gameplay of any of their games that how far out they are. Their most finished game was apparently Halo and look how that turned out. And Fable only showed a logo because it hasn't even started production.

Seriously can you ever think of a generation where a console maker tried to sell their next gen console by showing mainly last gen games aka Gears 5 that they keep demoing. They aren't doing that because they want to they are doing it because they literally have nothing next gen to show.

If Sony announces some new big hits tomorrow and announces release windows/dates for the games they have shown so far it's game over for Microsoft.

People were telling you in 2017-2018 when Microsoft had no games that it was going to be a long term problem for them but loyal xbox people argued now here we are and nothing except Halo and Forza even seem likely before 22 and most of that unless they rush just to put something out look like 23-24 and beyond.

Sony has been producing games non-stop releasing 3-4 AAA games year after year plus minor games and VR games and publishing indies. And if that's not enough they have said they want to increase the ammount of games they release.

AngelicIceDiamond14d ago

@Problem rumor is right. We don't know what game it is. It could a existing IP or something new. Either way it's AAA from a AAA studio. You're right 2 games that were made previous to MS acquisition. We gotta see what they come up with completely under MS

Unspoken13d ago

GamePass is a hit, why would you not care about it. Sour grapes?

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aconnellan14d ago

"Never happen again"

Did you miss Flight Simulator's launch the other week?

Tacoboto14d ago

Flight Simulator is less a game and totally a simulation platform intended to last a decade if not more.

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Bathyj13d ago


Thanks, I haven't laughed like that in a while

AngelicIceDiamond14d ago

Hell Blade 2, Avowed and Fable say hi.

potatoseal14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

They aren't AAA size. Fable is most likely going to be a GAAS game which is a horrible idea. If Hell Blade 2 is anything like the first game, then NO, it's not AAA at all, not even close. Avowed? Maybe, but it worries me with MS behind it. They want it to live on Gamepass for a decade. They want to drip feed mediocre content into the same GAAS game. Basically, MS has proven NOTHING. Nothing, but Gamepass. Their eyes are all over it, and Gamepass means lesser quality than Sony's massive AAA exclusives.

crazyCoconuts14d ago

They can't say hi yet - they're far from even existing. They say " "

RgR14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

We've seen close to nothing. And I literally mean nothing. They've barely peaked their heads let alone a "hi"

Trailers do not equal a good game.
The difference between MS showing trailers and Sony showing trailers is track record. We can be pretty darn sure that Sonys games will turn out good but with MS we have absolutely no idea what will happen.

I do want an awesome fable game though. It is the most exciting franchise MS has for me other than possibly State of Decay 3

TheProblem14d ago

All 3 of those are just cgi pipe dreams until MS can actually prove they will be quality releases. Probably at least 3 years from now

FlavorLav0114d ago

None of which will be out in the next year or more, along with Halo. Keep bragging

AngelicIceDiamond14d ago

@Potato hmm nice fairy tale. Go argue with MS what kind of games they are and see what they tell you. But nice attempt at down play applause.

@Crazy that's not the argument. He said they aren't focusing on AAA games. The July event says woefully the opposite. Doesn't matter what we've seen because that wasn't the argument potato made.

RightFootGames14d ago

Going by job listing Fable hasn't even started production.

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Nyxus14d ago

Value for me is quality rather than quantity.

Godmars29014d ago

"Buyer Beware" should be the focus of "Next Gen."

All digital consoles, from MS and Sony both, which limit owner to only be able to buy from console makers. Not to mention "always" online.

This is the XB1 launch all over again, even if its a slow vs a fast boil.

RazzerRedux14d ago

If I am looking for value then I'll go with mobile gaming. I'll take quality.