Q&A: GameStop illuminates Black Friday strategy

GameSpot writes

"While it seems things are tough all over in the gaming industry these days, GameStop is whistling a different tune. The company just reported record sales of $1.7 billion for its third quarter, along with net profits of $46.7 million. With many economists worried about consumer spending this holiday season, this weekend's Black Friday sales and promotions will be looked at as a key barometer of what to expect through December and into January.

Tense as the retail environment might be, GameStop executive vice president of merchandising and marketing Tony Bartel is confident of his company's ability to weather whatever storm is on the way. Earlier this week, Bartel visited GameSpot for a wide-ranging discussion about the company's business, from what kind of importance is being placed on this weekend's sales to how they appease angry customers pestered by preorder pitches. "

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