Xbox Says it No Longer Collects Voice Recordings

Microsoft's taking a more transparent stance on data collection ahead of next-gen.

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crazyCoconuts14d ago

They are so consumer friendly

xer013d ago

Just like Xbox Series S... Don't buy it. LOL 😂

Inverno14d ago

I honestly do not understand how any company is allowed such a breach in personal privacy. These days you gotta live without a single piece of electronic because one way or another its listening in on you

Stanjara14d ago

I just picture naked Phill on a carpet saying: We are sorry!
And than at the dinner table with a vine glass: Sorry!
A than skiing putting his ski mask off:
We are so sorry.

darkWingsoul14d ago

Its the "no longer" part that should concern everyone.

lodossrage14d ago


They should be "collecting" them in the first place.

isarai14d ago

Fans will spin it as an exclusive feature in the MS ecosystem that "redefines the console experience"

Vanfernal14d ago

Because they aren't forcing a Kinect on you anymore....

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The story is too old to be commented.