Sony: "We have not changed the production number for PlayStation 5"

Update: Hardware maker denies reports it has cut production by 4 million units

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zsquaresoff1114d ago

Good, indont want to wait for a month to buy Ps5, like I unfortunately did with ps4 because of low quantity availability.

morganfell1114d ago

This was in response to that errant Bloomberg article claiming they had cut production estimates due to chip availability.

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morganfell1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

If you do not have a sufficient quantity of chips for manufacturing the number of consoles you originally targeted then there is an issue with availability. Why there is an issue, in this case yield, is a different matter. It’s immaterial as it was a rumor possibly designed to damage Sony.

You are trying to read too deep into a statement I posted that was intentionally broad in nature.

bouzebbal1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

Was also some lies about thermal paste in China assembled SKU I remember.. Complete nonsense

OB1Biker1114d ago

Its hilarious that idiotic trolls celebrated (one of these losers 'concerned' with the high variable frequencies messaged me AGAIN then blocked me) because of the 'only' 11million production estimate whereas PS4 shipped 'only' 7.5 million in the same launch time frame.

Zhipp1114d ago

There's no way that article is what hurt their stocks. It was released after they dropped. Bloomberg literally reported on their stocks in the same article.

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dcbronco1114d ago

We'll see soon enough. But if Sony is in such a good position they are playing their cards like they are worried. So people can hide their heads in the sand and pretend everything is ok. But if I had a product that was more popular than the competition, cheaper to produce and just as powerful I'd release all of my information. Anything else sounds sketchy. Microsoft could easily beat them on price and take the losses. They can't match Sony in number of fanboys and despite the Infinite trailer the other trailers are saying the Xbox has more than enough power. Including the Series S if its hitting triple digit framerates in Gears. Sony must be worried about Series S. 1440p/100+ for $300 is big for console or PC and enough for any casual gamer. Throw in Games Pass and EA Access and casual gamers have a new home. If the rumors of yields are true, Sony has PS3 level problems.

Outside_ofthe_Box1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )


You guys say this stuff all the time and the opposite always happens.

Sony has done nothing but impressed in all of their showings with the PS5. Any concern regarding the PS5 have no basis for it other than console war dribble.

The number of false/fake rumors/reports for the PS5 have been ridiculous.

indysurfn1113d ago

I hope Sony is doing good, no one wants to wait. EVERYONE is eventually getting one. As a business programmer that knows of fields, and phrase meanings, I have to say this.
BUT this statement did NOT say they are on schedule! It says Sony did not change the production numbers.

The PRODUCTION number are how many they requested! It is NOT how many the manufacturer is on schedule to deliver. That would be the CURRENT estimated delivery number. The manufacturer can still be behind on orders, while this statement is still true. The manufacturer may catch back up, it happens a lot when you start a new chip production. Notice the FIRST statement was "Sony does NOT release Manufacturer details" basically hinting that they are talking Sony Order numbers NOT Manufacturering numbers.

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TheProblem1114d ago ShowReplies(9)
Mithan1114d ago

what blows my mind away is why 4 idiots down voted you.

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TheScotsman1113d ago

Yet again the internet climbs up it's own lying ahole, always makes me laugh, another paid presentation from M$ almost like the IGN one lol.

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GaboonViper1114d ago

Why is it all these false rumours appear eveytime Sony are gonna do something, first that gormless twat Dusk Golem and now losers like Dee Batch running with this crap.

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AngelicIceDiamond1114d ago

These users get a kick out of of creating false rumors. Stirring up drama for drama's sakes.

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crazyCoconuts1114d ago

Does Bloomberg actually have paid journalists, or did they move to the Forbes model where they outsource articles to whomever wants to write them?

ABizzel11114d ago

People are trying so bad not to have a one-sided generation, because they feel if Sony dominates again, then Xbox may say screw it and go full GamePass and no console, and some of these fans are that ingrained in their ignorance of unwavering brand loyalty (not even the games, just proud of having their brand of choice) that they will do anything they can to try to spread FUD and lies from both sides just to manipulate / influence buying choices.

At the end of the day people like what they like. For me it's PlayStation and a high-end gaming PC, but I don't have any issue with anyone who's primary preference is Xbox, Switch, Stadia, or whatever, but those people lying and spreading FUD to diminish the competitor to their platform of choice need psychological help.

morganfell1114d ago

It is simple desperation on their part. Sony isn’t just the leader this generation. It’s PlayStation. They define gaming. All eyes are on Sony. Notice how everything thing else drops off the radar with each Sony announcement?

GaboonViper1114d ago

Facts, it sickens me you have guys like this who spread the BS and they have a loyal cult of idiots who believe it SMH.


morganfell1114d ago

WTH Gaboon? Thought that was photo shopped at first. The idiocy of some of these people astounds me.

GaboonViper1114d ago

I know right, here is the actual link, madness.


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TheColbertinator1114d ago

Doubt Sony is telling the truth here.

jukins1114d ago

They literally can't lie. Nor that they wouldn't want to but yea thats not how things work.

GaboonViper1114d ago

I bet he believes Spencer, Colt and Dealer though.

Sitdown1114d ago

By no means am I saying Sony is lying, but it's easy for people to get out of something by getting technical. Did we know the production numbers? If not, then we can't take say what's going on. And if the thought is they cut 4 million, they can say we didn't, but could have actually cut 3.5 million. Again, not saying Sony did this, but it's easy for people to play inside wording.

Nyxus1114d ago

@ Sitdown: "We have not changed the production number for PlayStation 5 since the start of mass production."

jukins1114d ago (Edited 1114d ago )

Yes we know production numbers. Its in rhe article. 15 million by end of fiscal year. Sony has privately and publicly stated this. Its how they get investors on board, its how stock prices go up. Sony says they can do 15mill they show the plan to do so investors either leave or buy in.

All you have to do is search pa5 sales predictions. Various analysts are predicting record sales for ps5. Until this rumor hit sonys stock has steadily been on the climb. But beyond my long winded explanation. Its simple "we have not changed production number..."

Muzikguy1114d ago


"The cloud will make X1 like four consoles" 😂

TheColbertinator1114d ago


Spencer is in charge of the gaming business so I don't often ignore him on Xbox or Windows.

Colt and Dealer are idiots. They mean less than nothing to me.

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gravedigger1114d ago

Sony is a publically traded company they can't lie about this.