Take-Two CEO Doesn't Think Cloud Gaming Is The Future

The GTA and Red Dead publisher doesn't think the cloud is going to revolutionize the industry.

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NeoGamer23214d ago

Yup. I was there when the Internet started to take off. I thought nobody would want that... Yet it was very successful and changed everyone's life.

People thought streaming music would never take off for a time. But today it is assumed that almost everyone streams to the point that many people don't know what a CD is.

People though the internet would never be good enough for streaming movies. Yet, I don't have cable anymore because I always stream over the internet now.

People thought megabyte downloads were too much. Then, they thought gigabyte downloads were too much. But now games can be over 100 GB and be mass downloaded.

It is only a matter of time before cloud streaming of games becomes a viable option. I still doubt it will be the primary way core gamers play, but for casuals and as a secondary way to play it will be totally viable at some point.

One thing the Internet will always do is prove anyone wrong that says it cannot be done.

UltraNova14d ago

No educated person says it will never be done, they all agree though that we are far from an all online/streaming future. Technology and it's reach is far behind for mass adoption.

blacktiger14d ago

wait you thought internet was not going to lift up, damn you must be really really dumb! The first time I saw computer and also internet blew the fk out of my mind!

dcbronco14d ago

Then he is mistaken. It will dominate in one form or another in the near future.

roadkillers14d ago

I think that games that cone from Rockstar will be able to avoid the cloud for a bit, but eventually it will go there.

dcbronco13d ago

People always look at everything from one angle. The cloud isn't going to be strictly about streaming games. It is going to be about enhancing games in real time. So he's wrong.

Zombieburger63814d ago

The future is shitty online modes that encourages the purchase of micro transactions. Also milk a game for as long as possible.

darkWingsoul14d ago

Don't forget subscriptions so they can get you to pay forever for games you never own.

alb189914d ago

It is the future but that won't make dessapear the consoles. Definitely as it improves will gain followers.
This statement is true for now:
"That said, there was all this hype for years about VR, and I wasn't very compelled by that. Thankfully, as a result, we didn't waste any money on it. 
VR has a future too, I have not doubt about it but as they said for now it is a waste of time.

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