Rocket League free-to-play date announced and two new updates are revealed

Neil writes: "We've known for a while that Psyonix were getting ready to go all free-to-play-y with their smash hit Rocket League - and now we know exactly when that will be. Oh, and there are a couple of rather important little updates due to hit home real soon too."

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Father__Merrin40d ago

What do you get if you have the game purchased already? Any extra

DonDon300040d ago

You get the knowledge of knowing that you enjoyed the game for years and have a leg-up on newbies. You're welcome. Fool.

Mr Logic40d ago

Yeah, you do get some extras. They detailed that weeks/months ago. This is just about the release date.

Kabaneri40d ago

It will be interesting to see the effect that the Epic acquisition has on this game.

Mr Logic40d ago

Well they're having some kind of Llama event so safe to say it has already started.

SullysCigar40d ago

Is it actually free to play on both consoles, or do you need Live on xbox? I remember hearing they were talking about stopping that nonsense, didn't know if it's happened yet.

Father__Merrin40d ago

Things may have changed but there's no such thing as free to play on xbox live

40d ago