Take-Two Interactive CEO Justifies $70 Price Hike

CEO Strauss Zelnick explained to publication Protocol the reason for making the leap to a $70 price point on the next-generation version of their 2K basketball game.

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Activemessiah8d ago

Duh.. of course hes gonna justify it...

shuvam097d ago

He justified why I won't buy any Take Two game at launch.

mikeslemonade7d ago

All next gen AAA games should be $69.99

v_eno_m7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

@mikeslemonade - "All next gen AAA games should be $69.99"

why, so CEO like Blizzard and Gearbox have higher bonuses? Cause they're not paying their grunts any of those bonuses to begin with.

Spenok7d ago

You'll avoid Rockstar too?

Unspoken7d ago

Take-Two CEO justifiably can take a hike.

REDGUM7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I wonder how many of the people who left comments here about this article have been working for the past 15 years and would be happy with thier employers if they weren't given a payrise within the same time frame?

What they do with the money is up to them, but the GDP goes up every year. Here in Australia we average a 3% increase in all costs yearly. 3% x 15 years = 45% and yet they are increasing it by basically the same amount but instead of yearly have done it after 15 years.
I couldn't run my business down 3% consecutively year after year.

Games are getting bigger, longer, more graphical, processing etc etc and then we hear complaints about games taking up too much room or too big of a patch etc.

I know fluff all about sports games so can't comment on what they are offering but seriously.... prices of just about everything in the world go up over time, why not games too?

P.s. this is not aimed at shuvam09 at all, I was just making a point about the article in general.

DJStotty7d ago


But the gaming audience is growing, and publishers are selling more and more base games.

Add in to that they are all adding microtransactions and loot boxes then there is absolutely no justification for charging more for a base game.

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locomorales7d ago

If Nintendo can charge $60 for 3 emulated games with the newer with more than 10 years, it becomes easy to justify $70 on GTA VI or Red Dead Redemption III.

averagejoe267d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Agreed. Old ports for $60 that millions buy without question. Why not brand new games for $70?

Not saying I'm pleased to have to pay more, but it makes sense.

potatoMax7d ago

except Nintendo is the only company you named not to include microtransactions

zeuanimals7d ago

Title should have "fails to".

Positivelypositive 7d ago

Then I want all that "launch day DLC" Included in the price. We don't need more games that you "own" that also have 700 dollars of day one DLC just waiting for your idiot kid to use your CC to buy all of. This industry is becoming nothing but greed. To be fair that is the standard so why change.

I will get WAY more play hours out of three Mario games for 60 dollars than their new 8 hour campaign games they want you to buy for 70.

If they were like "look this price is to help us pay the artist and programmers more and help improve the lives of all who are working so hard in our industry.

I would be like... cool I can get behind that. It's not. The Board at the top wants more yachts.

JackBNimble6d ago

If your kid has your credit card number then the idiot is you.
Who the hell gives their cc to their kid anyway, that's just asking for trouble.

As a parent myself I have parent control's setup and passwords that only I know so only I can actually purchase games and dlc on my kids console.

badz1496d ago

Kinda big douchebaggery when the game with very low effort yearly rehash and full of MT in NBA 2K is among the first to justify the price hike. What a scum!

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TheExecutioner8d ago

eventually games will be costing 70 and of course we will buy it

8d ago
Vits8d ago


Do you understand how regional pricing work? Clearly no.... And unfortunately a lot of publisher don't get it either.

locomorales7d ago

In Brazil we pay around 48 usd for a launch game.

neomahi7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

You can blame EA for that. Your very own screw you over. Canada sucks. Nothing like the great U.S. of A. Freedom and opportunity, we bow to no king or queen. EA are the masters of pocket picking. They nickel and dime to you to death and love it with zero remorse. Their huge supporters of paid DLC and Microtransactions, moreso then any other company, not mention the whole lootbox b.s.

7d ago
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SegaGamer8d ago

I guarantee that I will never buy a game that costs that much money. I don't even buy them for 60.

Gaming4Life19817d ago

Yea i wont pay 70 for a videogame but luckily i gameshare on xbox and ps so im good.

v_eno_m7d ago

unfortunately, once the medium becomes all digital, we wont have a choice unless they have sales

SegaGamer7d ago


Well that's the thing, there will always be sales, and if that is what I have to wait for to buy a game, then so be it. I have been doing that for the past 10 years anyway.

averagejoe267d ago

Yea, people here are delusional. The millions upon millions of casual gamers aren't going to suddenly stop buying games because they're $10 more.

jukins7d ago

Eh im pretty sure I remember spending 90 on iron sword for nes more than 30 years ago

Rambokind7d ago

Speak for yourself. "We" is editorial.

xer07d ago

It's how darn expensive they've gotten.

I remember when studios were asked why games cost $50 / £50, about 10 years ago.
They justified price hikes then because there was the cost of:

- packaging
- the medium (optical disc)
- translation of manuals / artwork
- distribution
- duplicated assets taking extra development time and space on blu-rays

Now that games are distributed online without most of this stuff... and with assets being theoretically less because of the fast SSDs... I don't know how they can justify this cost.

It's basically capitalism 101 😏

blackblades7d ago

Eventually games will go on sale and as a cheapassgamer I always wait til theyre $30 and below.

Yppupdam7d ago

Only if your stupid, or not paying for the game with your own money, everyone just has to wait till the price drops, and voila, you don't pay 70.00 US.

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NealGamby8d ago

They're called "Take-Two" because they're gonna Take Two extra fives.

Agent_00_Revan8d ago

That was so dumb, but I laughed anyway.

ArchangelMike8d ago

That's the best one I've heard 🤣🤣🤣

SickSinceSix7d ago

It's going to take two price drops before I pick up any of their games now

kythlyn7d ago

Literally the best comment I've ever seen on N4G.

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Kabaneri7d ago

Are they actually gonna charge $70 for GTA5 ReRemaster?

neutralgamer19927d ago

That game should be flat $100 why stop at $70


Minute Man 7217d ago

EA wanted those prices for 360 n PS3 games