Two Worlds Coming to UK Shores

UK, February 2, 2007 - Bored of stabbing horses in Oblivion? Then you, along with all role-playing game lovers, are for a treat come May, because that's when South Peak's sprawling MMOPRG is being released on PC and Xbox 360 in the UK.

But before you start clashing flagons of mead together in celebration, here's why you should be excited. Two Worlds is a free-roaming RPG that centres around an epic battle between age-old foes, the orcs and humans. And like any role-player worth its salt, you're thrown into the deep end and are free to carve your own story in the game's refreshingly open world.

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malachi235717d ago

It's not a "MMORPG"....IT'S JUST a rpg.

gogators5716d ago

about making the PC version MMORGP, and allowing PC user to have thousands of people online together. But, from what I understood from the article on IGN, that this was only talk. I believe the 360 version is going to have online questing for you and your friends, but only for a limited number of people in each group. That's what has me excited for this to be released sonner rather than later. Would have kept me going past the 260 hour mark on Oblivion if there was co-operative questing.