Solve online quests, 1-on-1 battles, horse races in Two Worlds

The good things in life are best shared with friends! The Two Worlds developers have also taken this to heart - and added a fantastically varied MMORPG mode to their new game! Players can now oppose one another or join forces in Antaloor as Arena or RPG characters!

Let off steam in the Arena with exciting head-to-head battles - and remember it's only your skill that counts here - Arena characters all have the same status!

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Havince4906d ago

sounding good. like the idea of co-op it means so much in todays games

ryanjtravis4906d ago

I still don't quite understand how the online portion is going to operate, but it sounds like it might be cool. I'll definitely keep my eye on this one.

eclipsegryph4905d ago

I'd rather that the company focuses on the single player aspect of this game, much like Bethesda did with Oblivion. These kinds of games thrive on the single player aspect, and I just think that tossing in multiplayer options is just going to muddy things all up.

But then again, I'm a single-player kinda guy, and don't play MMORPGs or online multiplayer computer/console games.