Rights to buy RTX 3080 and 3090 in Australia will be won in a raffle

Nvidia seems to be in for an opulent generation of RTX graphics cards. So good, in fact, that they are already planning for shortages and potential workarounds for when they happen.

phoenixwing4d ago

Normally I would argue first come first served but we live in an age of bots and scalpers so this actually sounds more fair in a way.

Shaggy23044d ago

Or it's a way to drive up interest in a product, in turn making it harder to buy due to shortages which will drive up the price.

Just a thought..........

warriorcase4d ago

Perhaps in some cases but this is actually very limited. Founders edition was not coming to Aus at all but it was later said a very small batch will go to 1 retailer only as it's only a handful or so available. This doesn't include AIB cards, it's specifically founders editions.

RazzerRedux3d ago

Are you suggesting the shortage will be artificial? During the bitcoin mining craze, GPUs were extremely scarce, but Nvidia's MSRP and their own prices remained the same. They still have competition to worry about with AMD so I don't see how driving up the price would be wise at all.

Shaggy23043d ago

I'm not saying Nvidia will increase the RRP, I'm suggesting retailers will (my bad I should have made it clearer)

I still stand by my comment though, its definitely a way to increase interest in your product.

RazzerRedux3d ago

Ah....I understand. And yes, I think you are right. Some stores took advantage of the GPU bitcoin crisis as well. Of course, Amazon and ebay prices are going to be ridiculous.

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Father__Merrin4d ago

Rights to buy raffle what's wrong with first come first served. Slightly off topic why is an article about a raffle approved and not the DF performance overview video of FS2020

CDbiggen3d ago

Don't scalpers use bots to buy things quickly? I suppose a raffle system would help regular people get one.
Seriously though, a raffle for a graphics card. This is where we're at lol.

Kubark3d ago

I'm an Aussie and I put myself on the notification list for this. But now it's a raffle, I don't think I'll bother. I'll just wait for the reviews and make my decision from there. Maybe pick up an AIB model down the road.