Switch Just Achieved The Highest August Dollar Sales For Any Console In US History

The console has achieved the highest ever August dollar sales total for any platform in US history, nabbing the title from Nintendo's own Wii which saw similarly impressive sales in August 2008.

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ZeekQuattro37d ago

It's insane how well the Switch is performing. Expect more of the same this holiday season.

RosweeSon37d ago

Never doubted even after Wii U I thought they were on to a winner great fun little secondary system for me.

bouzebbal37d ago

Can't be compared to wii sales, it's silly..
When wii was out, nds was selling like hot cakes at the same time too.. It's cumulative sales of wii and nds that should be compared to switch.

37d ago
Neonridr37d ago

of course you'd have to try to take away from the achievement bouzebbal.

37d ago
zacfoldor37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Yes, and I believe it will keep selling very well even after the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X are released. Has this console ever even had a price drop? As long as they have the competitive edge on portability, I think the console will sell well. I don't see streaming replacing something like the Switch before the Switch's lifecycle is over. Also, I expect/hope/guess a Switch Pro sometime in the future which I also believe will sell very well. Imagine if they launch a Switch Pro with enhancements to BotW 1 and 2, along side BotW 2 during a holiday season(perhaps 2021)?

I think that would be a really good way to maintain momentum next holiday(even though I doubt they will need it). I think they are already gonna have momentum this year, because based on sales right now, I expect the Switch will probably sell like crazy this holiday. Nintendo could also announce Mario Odyssey 2(just a guess/hope) later next year and perhaps a 2022 release. That would be a cool roadmap, even if it is just my dreams at this point.

The 10th Rider36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Price drop and revision should come next year, along with more 3D Mario, BOTW2, and some type of new Pokemon (likely a remake). If all of those happen next year I could see it actually being the console's peak year, as opposed to this year.