PlayStation 5’s Latest Spot Wants to ‘Evoke Some of the Feelings You’d Get’ From New Console

Sony Interactive Entertainment released its latest spot for the PlayStation 5 on Monday, the second in its global marketing campaign leading up to the new console’s launch.

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Nyxus38d ago

Nice spot. Can't wait for Wednesday! Also:

"He does, however, note that “you’re going to see a lot of the games start to play into these campaigns very quickly” as the next-gen console gears up for launch (a price and release date for the PlayStation 5 beyond holiday 2020 have not yet been announced)."

RpgSama38d ago

AWESOME spot! It started with that The Who kinda riff, really great sense of adventure.

Bathyj38d ago

Yeah that was really nice

NeoGamer23238d ago

Very cool commercial. Doesn't tell us a thing about the new devices.

But, definitely has me psyched for what is coming!

crazyCoconuts37d ago

That's the marketing approach the big guys like Disney go for. They're not selling amusement park tickets, they're selling magic.

NeoGamer23237d ago

True... Sadly it is true.

I wish I was back in the pre-big marketing days. Just give me the facts and I will decide if it is worth it or not. Huge problem this next gen and last gen.... Lot's of marketing, very few facts.

mrsolidsteel2038d ago

You know if Sony was just to announce the preorder date Wednesday, I will be absolutely fine with this.

monkey60238d ago

Looks like the US blog might have let the prices slip already so I would definitely expect the price on Wednesday night officially

monkey60238d ago

When you googled PS5 earlier this morning there was a quicklink to the US blog page.

Had the PS5 price listed at $399 and $449

Obviously with any of these things you'd need to take it with scepticism but there were a LOT of screen captures floating around this morning

crazyCoconuts37d ago

$449 would be bonkers - might as well stick a fork in the competition at that point. MS would be bundling by Thanksgiving i bet.

Lore38d ago

Rogue Galaxy vibes towards the end!

RPGer38d ago

Don't just don't. I am dreaming of Dark Cloud/RG sequels/reboots :(

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CaptainHenry91638d ago (Edited 38d ago )

The next generation console with *great* exclusive games. I expect it to dominate the competition

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The story is too old to be commented.