Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Cloud Gaming, Destiny 2, Night in the Woods, More

Xbox Wire: You might have noticed a couple extra words in the title of this post: Cloud Gaming! Today, we announced the initial launch line-up of more than 100 games that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members can play on Android mobile phones and tablets from the cloud (Beta) in 22 countries starting September 15."

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Father__Merrin44d ago

With destiny 2 do you have to have gold to play online

DarthZoolu44d ago

If you have ultimate Gold is included in the package so if you have X Cloud you have gold.

Vits44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

If you only have Game Pass for consoles then yes you have to pay for the Live Gold. If you are playing using the cloud then Live Gold is already part of the subscription.

As far as bang for the buck goes. Game Pass Ultimate is really the way to go (Game Pass for both console and PC + Live Gold + Cloud) for $5 more than the base Game Pass.

DarthZoolu44d ago

Thank goodness they're actually taking advantage of the tech that exists. Often I totally want to play my Xbox game while I'm laying down in bed but normally I just end up playing some type of mobile game

Notellin44d ago

I didn't realize how much I used Xcloud until they turned it off this week waiting to roll it out on Gamepass app. I'm playing at least a couple nights a week from bed and it's fantastic.

monkey60244d ago

I might finally play a night in the woods. That game never gets discounted