Take-Two Shut Down Red Dead Enhancement Project

All good things must come to an end. In some cases, the death knell tolls before they’re out of the stalls. Such is the case for the much anticipated Red Dead Redemption Enhancement Project, in which Johnathan Wyckoff hoped to bring the much loved classic to PC. Wyckoff, aka “DemandDev” announced his ambitious plans for the fan-made remaster last August, the “Dammed Enhancement Project”. Sadly, Take-Two were having none of it.

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DaReapa81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Hopefully it was shut down due to them already having an enhancement of their own in development.

Teflon0281d ago

Likely, Take Two never would stop this kinda thing for no reason. Everyone plays Rockstar titles with graphics mods and they'd never care so this has to be a rerelease coming

CantThinkOfAUsername81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

This is not a Graphics mod. It's a fan-made remaster porting the Xbox360/PS3 version to PC with visual enhancements (emulator-based mod). Take-Two is legally in the right here.

anubusgold80d ago

NO they have been suing GTA mod makers because they were too good and far better than their own DLC.

autobotdan81d ago

Well there already was a enhancement on xbox one x for Red Dead Red

autobotdan81d ago

Not just BC. ENHANCED 4K on Xbox One X

Olly_S81d ago

I certainly hope so. One of the clauses the dev was arguing is that Take-Two say they will never pursue modding on single player games that are not of commercial interest, to paraphrase. Considering there are a host of RDR2 mods happily existing out there, it is a strange move indeed if they weren't planning something. We live in hope.

RabbitFly81d ago

Nah. This is Just standard business practice for ownership of ip. You have to show that You are willimg to protect your ip, or your right to protection in the future can be compromised.

chicken_in_the_corn81d ago

Exactly. Take Two have done this more than once without a remaster or remake following

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TheEnigma31381d ago

All resources are going to the next gen GTA online -___-

moongrim81d ago

When was the last time Take-Two released a game, like 5 years ago?

CantThinkOfAUsername81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

NBA 2K21 released 11 days ago.

Charlieboy33381d ago

Fuck Take Two then. Someone is willing to take their fossil of a game and improve it in ways they never even bothered one gives a shit about the original Red Dead anymore and sure as hell no one is buying it at this point in time unless a rock is their address and they are living under it. If anything this would create a renewed interest in that has-been game. Fan appreciation is a thing. As long as they are not selling it for monetary gain what damage is the mighty Take Two experiencing? Maybe they would prefer it if no one gives a toss about their games at purchase time as well as 10 years later.

Charlieboy33381d ago

Ah, a disagree....thanks man! I LOVE fact, I collect them! Would be nice if you told me why though....or actually....I. don't. care.

ZwVw81d ago

Yeah. The NERVE of them protecting their intellectual properties. Wtf do they think they are?!

Charlieboy33381d ago

Anyone who likes Take Two and their games look at goats in a "special" way. Cmoooonn guys..... I neeeeed those disagrees.....only 4 right now.

autobotdan81d ago

Someone(Microsoft) is willing to take their fossil of a game and improve it in ways they never even bothered with.. yeah Microsoft did great work enhancing RDR to 4k

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Lionsguard81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

I just don't get why people broadly advertise these types of projects. They consistently get taken down by the publisher before they're finished. They may as well just paint a big red target on them for getting cease and desist orders. They should have just finished the project and immediately release it so there's no stopping it or at least the earliest form of it but at least it'd be finished for the most part.

calactyte81d ago (Edited 81d ago )

As the creator of the Mortal Kombat HD project which also received a cease and desist I can tell you we do it to attract talent to help finish the mod/remake etc. If no one knows about it, no one can help make it.

Lionsguard81d ago

You could try to be more underground about it through various other forms of advertisement. To date, I don't think any of these "HD Projects" have ever come to fruition.

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