Spelunky 2 Review - IGN

A masterpiece that stays true to the original while also holding surprises around every corner.

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RaidenBlack35d ago

This game and its predecessor needs the Switch port.

crazyCoconuts35d ago

Definitely perfect for a handheld. I played the original with my kids on our Vitas.

LoveSpuds35d ago

I assumed Spelunky was on Switch, really surprised to hear it isn't. I agree with you, these kinds of games are a great fit for Switch.

As for Spelunky 2, I am really pleased that it's getting good reviews, I flipping love Spelunky.

Greatball198734d ago

I understand that the original isn't on Switch but cannot comprehend why this one isn' strange. At least the original is on Vita.

35d ago
TheRealTedCruz35d ago

I could use more Spelunky in my life.

NotoriousWhiz35d ago

Spelunky is definitely a top tier game in my book.

Sarcasm35d ago

Aww I thought this was on switch. I really enjoyed the first game though

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