Avengers holds No.1 as Kingdoms of Amalur returns to Top Five | UK Charts

Minecraft Dungeons cracks Top Ten UK boxed charts.

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phoenixwing37d ago

I bought re reckoning instead of avengers. Definitely the right choice for me.

CaptainObvious87837d ago

Well I assume you did a modicum of research, unlike probably most of the people that bought avengers for the name alone.

I'll be picking up Reckoning when I pick up my day one ps5. Can't wait.

phoenixwing37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

If I'm going to do long grinds id rather be doing quests instead of gaas stuff so yeah it was a no brainier once I saw what I was getting into

jukins37d ago

Whats the differnece between a quest and a mission?

Elda37d ago

I have both KOAR has so many bugs & crashes,THQ needs to do some updates asap.

Spenok37d ago

Which platform are you playing on?

CannOfPoo37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

@jukins One is a grind embedded in a story that actually develops, the other is a grind with little to no meaning, where the only point is to upgrade a character.

slavish037d ago

Going to be alot of disappointment