Moero Crystal H interview with eastasiasoft - Fanservice, Western localization & the Western release

"Just recently I got a chance to sit down and do an interview with Joshua Michael (Project Lead of eastasiasoft). So we ended up talking about everything from fanservice, localization challenges to Moero Crystal H's upcoming Western release." - Robin Ek, TGG.

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Simon_the_sorcerer40d ago

Good job with this interview =) And the game looks really fun and cute :3

TGG_overlord40d ago

Thank you so much =) And it sure does ;)

ZeekQuattro40d ago

Never got around to buying the last one. Might just get this one instead.

TGG_overlord40d ago

Ah, well, I hope that you will enjoy this one =)

Pedantic9140d ago

Good interview.
Hopefully more of them will make the "Switch" since Sony prefer to treat their older fans like toddlers and insulting their intelligence.

TGG_overlord40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Thanks =) I sure hope so, and that's sad but true, yes...What's funny is that in Japan even the females LOVE these kinds of games (I spoke to a very famous female Japanese cosplayer about it not so long ago, Japanese females really enjoy cute and sexy characters in their video games, animes, mangas, and whatnot).

Interloper40d ago

Playing the first one and honestly, I went in with low expectations. Surprisingly, fan service aside, the writing has managed to get get a few lowbrow laughs out of me. The combat is what you'd expect, but the ability to fast forward through mindless battles is a big big plus in my opinion! However, unless you grind baby grind, those boss battles are not so easily fought even on Normal so there is some sense of challenge. So I'm quite excited to get my hands on this one as soon as it comes out!

TGG_overlord40d ago

I'm glad to hear that =) And I hope that you will enjoy the game once you get a chance to play it ;)