Ghost of Tsushima Devs Were Nervous About the Setting; Shuhei Yoshida's Advice Gave Them Confidence

Ghost of Tsushima has charmed many both in the west and in Japan, but Sucker Punch was fairly nervous about tackling the setting.

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Hakuoro37d ago

I have always thought that if Shu spoke more fluent English he would make such a great face for PlayStation. He's got a really sincere love of games as well as being quite a skilled gamer. How cool would it be if PlayStation stage presentations were Shu playing the games live on stage.

SullysCigar37d ago

That would be great. He also has a likeable demeanor - a rare thing in an executive in this industry.

On the language thing, Andrew House always impressed the hell out of me standing up and delivering full presentations in Japanese.

morganfell37d ago

He has such a sense of humor about everything including himself. This always killed me.

Shu comes in at about 4:09

Abriael37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

I was really bummed when Shu was pretty much sidelined in favor of western executives. He's so wasted working only on VR and indies... 🤔

SullysCigar37d ago

^ Have an agree Abriael, this guy should be front and centre.

Having said that, it does at least indicate the importance that Sony is placing on the VR and indie sectors, which is nice to see.

LucasRuinedChildhood37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

If you right-click on a video on Youtube, then you can "Copy video URL at current time". Just a friendly tip from LucasRuinedChildhood. haha.

It's a shame that Shu isn't used quite as much for PR as he used to be.

morganfell37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Uhm Lucas...who doesn’t know that but the preceding portion of the video is short and is part of the setup for what Shu is doing there. You may not know this but context matters.

Regarding Shu, we do not know that he was sidelined. That’s pure supposition. Most of his peers had moved on, retired, taken less stressful work, and he may have intentionally or rather with purpose asked for a reduced profile and position of responsibility.

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phoenixwing37d ago

Sully you got it right. Sage wisdom from shu

36d ago
ApocalypseShadow37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Thanks Shu, Sucker Punch and Sony.

It was the right samurai game at the right time. Excellent execution of a new IP. Beyond brilliant. There was no need for being nervous. With their pedigree, there should have been more confidence. Now they know better that they make great games. Whatever the setting.

Who's next to blow gamers away with a new IP at Sony?

SullysCigar37d ago

Very much diggin' the profile pic!

ApocalypseShadow37d ago

Appreciate it.

VR rejuvenated my love for gaming. Made it fun again. Like when I was little. Enjoying VR made me enjoy regular games like Ghost and Horizon as new IPs that much more. So I needed a pic that represented me more than my previous ones.

Elda37d ago

I knew GOT was going to be a good game & a good game it is. I was bummed when it was over because I did every single mission & side missions & just wanted more. I can't wait for the multi-player/co-op campaign expansion to release.

patterson37d ago

Shu has the best smile in the industry.

VsAssassin37d ago

This. Devs must still have that grounded side to them that requires the opinion of people who actually care. In this case, it's Shuhei. Now I know there are those who love The Last of Us Part 2, but in my opinion, if Neil only sought the opinion of similar people (and actually considered and applied them), the game would've ended up with a far better narrative. Kudos to SP for putting out such a memorable and FUN game in Ghost of Tsushima!

Tetsdah37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

While the perspective and opinion of TLOU2 narrative and story beats are subjective, the amount of love and quality that went into that game is undeniable. Their attention to detail and care to mundane atmospheric touches, the attention to sound, the voice work for missable and moments, that game was made with love.

The story is challenging and whether it vibed with you or not, Druckman didn't do it half heartedly. Yes opinions could have very well influenced it, and they likely ran the game by Shu and other members of the Sony Studios. This is the story they chose.

I personally loved both and yes I had certain issues with TLOU2 story. But damn is its quality on a whole different level. Same with Ghosts, probably prettiest open game ive played. But just TLOU2 edges it out there.. i enjoyed the gameplay of both, though Ghosts edges that department out in pure fun. im trying to decide my game of the year and two nominations are coming From Sony.

VsAssassin37d ago

Your reply is refreshing in that it's not attacking me nor making fun of my opinion. Kudos! Anyway, yeah, Naughty Dog is still the company to beat when it comes to production values and technical prowess. Sadly, to me Part 2's story is a miss. That said, I won't fault those who enjoyed its narrative. I guess I am just such a fan of many exemplary movies and story-driven games that something as polarizing and contrived as Part 2 isn't gonna cut it. To each his own, indeed!

Tetsdah36d ago


Yea i can understand the pain of discussing this game. Sides for or against Naughty Dog, have insufferable peeps screaming at you if your opinion is different from their own. Different strokes for different folks. They cannot respect that fact.

But yea, regardless of the feeling of the story, the amount of love and attention they payed to this game was on another level. And a lot of detractors try to shit on that, which is just disrespectful to the rest of the team.

I'm glad we agree on that.

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