Should You Upgrade to the New Nvidia Cards?

Kevin F. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "The three new cards announced in this new line up are the price-friendly 3070 at USD $499, the flagship powerhouse 3080 at USD $699, and the BEAST of a video card 3090 at USD $1499. With these new cards on the horizon, the biggest question is, should I upgrade my current PC card? "

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catlover316440d ago

I would wait until amd announces theirs, might be a price drop or amd might have something interesting.

CaptainHenry916440d ago

I doubt AMD new GPUS will outperform Nvidia GPUs. I'm sure AMD GPUS will be a little cheaper though

Runechaz440d ago

Outperform.. probably not.. but right now, i don't care about 8k gaming. My optix monitor is 1440p so probably the high end AMD will be perfect. And the perf / $ is always on AMD side.

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Tapani439d ago

They don't need to outperform Nvidia, they need to have better performance per dollar to compete. Most people do not buy 3070, 3080, 3090 level cards, they buy 3060 level cards. If AMD comes in with less wattage and reasonable performance between 3070 and 3080 with improved RIS, and aggressively price it at or under 3070, they will have a winner. Couple that with Zen 3, and you are set. The only thing you might lose is Ray Tracing performance, but you can make that up with RIS2.0 or something similar they must have in the works.

anubusgold439d ago

Miners are going back to buying graphics cards so if you dont get a 3080 this month you wont get one until next year and at a higher cost like 900 dollars.

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Father__Merrin440d ago

If you have the 970 980 range then it's a worthwhile upgrade to play latest games. If you have a 1080ti tbh it plays every game the new cards are only worth if you want full 4k etc and RT

I'd hang on for the AMD cards to see what they offer and what price

elazz440d ago

I have a regular gtx 1080 but at ultra wide 1440p and games like total war its hard to get a smooth experience on high details. Getting an rtx 3080 for the next 5 years or so

rokos440d ago

Exactly I have 980ti and it served me pretty good for the last 5 years but its time to upgrade.
Waiting for the new AMD card might be until next summer for them to be available but they usually do a better job for price to performance than Nvidia.

Neonridr439d ago

my 1080ti has been very serviceable. I play @ 1440p and I get super high framerates at that resolution even with my card. But I'm thinking about upgrading to a 3080. I think that will be a nice upgrade to what I have.

DaReapa440d ago

I'm still rocking a 1080Ti, so it's least for me.

AcidDvl439d ago

Bruh, that GPU still holds very well for 1080p/1440p. I'd say don't upgrade unless you want to play 4K, but you do you.

FlyingFoxy440d ago this benchmark demo looks damn good running on the 3080, but those minimum FPS.. oof.. good thing I'm also at 1440p like that test is, but damn is that demanding.

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