Gran Turismo Car Models Now Made in Three Months, Outsourced to India

"Back in August 2018, we brought you some rather interesting information on the inner workings of the Gran Turismo series: after two decades of almost exclusive in-house development, Polyphony Digital had decided to bring in some external talent by outsourcing some of its vehicle modeling tasks."

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IRetrouk44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

About time they started doing this, something alot of the other racing game devs do, should mean plenty of cars getting added to gt7.

SullysCigar44d ago

Exactly. This was one thing that increased the time between releases, while others pump out a 'new' iteration in the franchise on a yearly basis. I'm glad they've done this; quality control takes less time in-house than doing the work itself.

IRetrouk43d ago

Thats it man, it should deffo speed things up, maybe its closer than we think?

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Crazyglues43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I mean come on, this should have been happening a long, long, long time ago... Jesus Christ, what are these companies doing, you think people just love waiting around for years for content...

-You could have stepped it up after GT5, no... ok GT what the hell is the thinking... GT Sport, still no... now you finally step up getting cars scanned... wow... well finally,... why is this hard for companies to understand, people want the cars, do whatever it takes to get the cars there... Like come on' it's a car game.. And this goes for the tracks and the game it self, do whatever makes it faster because no-one wants to wait years for the game to come out... step your game up.. Call of duty has been making a game every year for years now...

Step it up, I'm not saying down play quality, just step up the studios doing the work, step it up whatever can be done faster do it..

-Sorry for the rant but this just hurts my heart, knowing you could have just done this years ago...

MajorLazer43d ago

Better late than never, as they say. Can't deny the quality of the cars so far so no harm done in the slow process.

porkChop42d ago

Yeah this is great news. GT has always had a high level of quality and polish, but the wait between games is insane.

lsujester43d ago

Hope it's not like my experience of India work outsourcing, or they'll find themselves going back to fix a bunch of cars that are missing things like their wheels.

TheColbertinator43d ago

Maybe they'll send a car over without breaks or seatbelts so we'll get to work faster.

IRetrouk43d ago

On a serious note though, its not just India they are outsourcing to, im glad they are finally doing this to be honest, any mistakes can be fixed in house, no way kaz would let the quality of the cars drop, its his main love lol.

UltimateRacer42d ago

The Indian company has already worked on cars in GTSports and there incredibly detailed so there should be no problems.

NeoGamer23242d ago


Your comment is completely valid. But, I have found that if you have things that are well defined outsourcing to India or anywhere else for that matter can work well. If it is not well-defined then outsourcing is a train wreck.

I would assume that Sony has clearly defined the key parts to vehicles they want modelled. LMAO.

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ProjectVulcan43d ago

Forza has done it for a decade now. This was a massive roadblock to the swift release of GT games on new generation hardware, allows Polyphony to focus more on the gaming and driving experience of the GT titles than just building car models all day.

I am sure Polyphony will still exercise strict control over the end result of the models. Early on perhaps they can apply finishing touches and polish themselves but soon enough they should get their expected standards met and all should be well.

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Chaos_Order43d ago

So long as we don't have the "Premium" & "Standard" car distinction like GT5 & 6, I'm all for it.

MajorLazer43d ago

I am confident that will never happen again.

CobraKai42d ago

Same. Combined with some of the older tracks, It made those games feel like GT4 HD than true sequel.

UltimateRacer42d ago

We won’t, most if not all cars will be carried over from GTsport and then PD will have added new ones to GT7 plus probably more through DLC or free updates.

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