What To Expect From The PS5 Launch Showcase

Rocket Chainsaw: We've finally got another PS5 showcase announced and we've collated everything that we think you can expect to see during the show.

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morganfell214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

I expect the preorder date for the email direct order invites to be given. That will likely take place days possibly a week before the standard preorders so anyone not getting an email invite, or anyone that misses what Sony has said will be a short window to reply and order, can still get in on the main commercial preorder. I do not think the surprise IP will necessarily be small. In fact I expect it to be bigger than Miles Morales. Possibly Killzone or SOCOM. And on that note I think we will get confirmation of the first Spider-Man title remastered for the PS5 and included with Miles Morales. Also the rumors about FF XVI also mention some sort of Sony exclusivity. I think we may get a new Project Athia trailer as well as a look at some PS5 enhanced titles like Ghost of Tsushima, TLOU2, Nioh 2 and a few others.

Jin_Sakai214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Hopefully we also get a good look at the new PS5 UI.

Ghostbob214d ago

Hope so I just want to be able to use the themes I bought on ps4 on the ps5.

RpgSama214d ago

I think they'll probably do that at PAX, show the UI and maybe the Deep Dive, Wednesday will be about games and hopefully information on release date, price and pre-orders.

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patterson214d ago

That and I want to see the back too.

bouzebbal214d ago

Want to see launch line up and kicking off marketing campaign..

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I’m not worried about price since I know they won’t price it above the Series X, I just want a black PS5 and footage of the enhancements the OG Spiderman game is getting.

LeKatie214d ago

Yeah, I’m definitely not too worried about the price now that the Series C price is out there.

i think it will now come down to whether or not they want to match the price or undercut it slightly.

TheScotsman214d ago

Don't care what price it would be I'd still by it first before I'd buy a series x, still gonna get a series x but ps5 is always gonna be first

Si-Fly214d ago

I’m fully prepared for the disc version to be more expensive than a series X, Sony already stated they won’t sell a console at a loss again.

morganfell214d ago (Edited 214d ago )


Same here. And it doesn’t matter to me. I’m getting a couple regardless and it is going to fly off the shelves no matter the price. I know there are some people that do not have the luxury of purchasing without consideration of cost but if they do not buy it someone else will. I actually think it will be impossible to find this Holiday.

esemce214d ago

It will probably be the same price as the Series X or $50 less, A Matt Black PS5 would be cool.

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purple101214d ago

Killzone on ps5. Mmmmm mmmmm mm

Mr_cheese214d ago

Hope so! Really hoping this is the gen that Resistance gets picked back up

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ziggurcat214d ago

Likely not, especially when they're working on Horizon 2.

BQ32214d ago

Imagine a scenario where Halo has been shown, looked really bad, was delayed and removed from launch lineup and then Sony comes out and drops a new killzone built specifically for next gen. Killzone would finally realize its promise of being the true Halo killer it was promised to be all those years ago. But I am not expecting a new Killzone. Here is to the new Last of Us Factions being announced though, that would be dope.

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Sunny_D214d ago

Don't they have another event at PAX on Friday? I think UI and hardware info will be released there. We'll get the price on Wednesday and the breakdown shortly after.

morganfell214d ago

Agreed. BathyJ nailed it below.

NeoGamer232214d ago

The big thing I want is to see the launch game list. I am tired of seeing games with no ship dates/years/quarters. I want to know exactly what they are shipping to make a truly informed decision.

iain04214d ago

I think you should do the briefing, you stuff sounds good.

crazyCoconuts214d ago

I also hope to see some interesting features, like what they plan on doing with the "create" button (built in Dreams?). Also wondering if they'll somehow integrate streaming more for trying games out or paying games you already own but don't want to install atm . I'll try not to set expectations too high though, they're never met lol

Koolaidude213d ago

I really want a new Socom.

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ziggurcat214d ago

Price and release date, pretty much.

purple101214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

All they have said is an update for worldwide studios.

There's suppose to be a panel at pax online

I think that is when they hey will release the price . 2 days later on the 18th. Supposedly.

monkey602214d ago

The teaser they released for Wednesday night got millions of hits within a few short hours. Their showcase has the hype and reach so that is definitely where we are getting our price and date.
If their PAX show was going to be as important they'd be plugging that already but they arent.

Bathyj214d ago

Price will be 16th. They have to do it next time they speak. pax will be the teardown.

RaidenBlack214d ago

16th : "Here are the game updates and some new ones too and tune in on 18th for a hardware teardown and UI demonstration"
18th: "So now that you have seen the hardware inside and the UI it'll run, lets talk price ...."

ziggurcat214d ago

Nah, the event on Wednesday will probably be the big announcements with, as Bathyj mentioned, the breakdown on the 18th.

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zsquaresoff214d ago

New games, possible a new studio acquisition, Ps5 teardown, new accessories, third party exclusivity

purple101214d ago

I reckon they will aquire gearbox pretty soon. They seem to be making only ps5 & pc games.

LeKatie214d ago

Gearbox themselves have only made Multiplatform games for years now.

While they’re publishing a console exclusive in Godfall, that has no bearing on what their actual development team is working on.

monkey602214d ago

What an absolute waste that would be.

They'd be better off acquiring a good studio

morganfell214d ago

Don’t think they’ll get Gearbox as much as I would like to see Pitchford gagged. But if they do and showed a new BiA I’d flip the hell out.

MagUk214d ago

Release date November 20th??

FlavorLav01214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

Nah, my guess is PS5 will release simultaneously with the new CoD Cold War game on Nov13 with timed-exclusive content for PlayStation only. We’ve been hearing Sony is swinging for the fences with 3rd party deals this time around. Wouldn’t be surprised if we get a taste of that right out the gate.

morganfell214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

I think its staggered due to stock issues. The 13th in the States and mainland EU. I say this because it is the launch date for COD and Sony has the marketing on that. Amazon Japan listed PS5 controllers, camera, etc for sale on Nov 20th so I think it gets a one week delay and is out on the 20th there. The reason the Great Britain PS5 site says late 2020 rather than Holiday 2020 is that it will not launch there until Black Friday or maybe even the first week of December. Ryan said the PS5 would launch globally in 2020. He didn't say every territory and I think stock is the reason.

Gamble20214d ago

Global Nov 20, but North America on Nov 13 to make sure they focus their jump start in that territory. It’s Microsoft’s strongest area (and the only one where they are at least competitive in unit sales) so it’s in Sony’s interest not to let them jump out to an early lead.

patterson214d ago

A tear down would be great. I’m especially curious about the cooling solution.

jznrpg214d ago (Edited 214d ago )

I don’t think they will do the tear down since it’s only 40 minutes and they have games and price/preorder date as well . It will be some combo of those but not all imo. Also I think they acquire Bluepoint instead

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Lionsguard214d ago

I swear, they better reveal the whole hog at this showing. It better not be a "Oh and the console will come in black" Stay tuned for more news in the coming months! See ya" kind of deal or I'll be pissed.

monkey602214d ago

They really don't have that luxury. With Xbox pre orders opening a few days later they would piss off too many people and might sway them away.

Don't get me wrong I would still se Playstation outselling Xbox but it would be a great way to lose a lot of foothold. Especially to the Series S for price point

Elda214d ago

No matter what Sony does PS fans especially fans that don't own an XB will buy a PS5,PS fans will not jump ship for XB only.

monkey602214d ago

I absolutely agree Elda. There are a lot of people out there that don't fall into that category though.

Somy is coming into a new gen off the back of an excellent one. This gives them an opportunity to grab some xbox owners. However with the shortage concerns and the painfully long wait for information some of those potential owners might just be convinced to stay on Xbox because of the value of game pass and the security knowing they can order one soon

Personally I dont believe I'll ever buy an Xbox again. I know a few on the fence at the moment and its getting late in the year

dekke214d ago

why would some1 jump anywhere when u can simply play XB games on PC if theres any interesting ? :P

Sunny_D214d ago

The announcement already stated this is one more event before launch. So this and Pax will be it before we get the PS5 in our hands.

alexa324214d ago

I get paid over $90 per hour working from home with 2 kids at home. I never thought I'd be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I've been doing,


Profchaos214d ago

I'd expect a listing of all day one games and a further look into them for example Spiderman mm is a tough sell if we only saw maybe 15 seconds if gameplay also some news around upgrade paths for current gen titles.
Along with a price and pre order details ofcourse