Godfall for PS5 and PC Gets New Trailer Showing Combat Gameplay in Action & Boss Battle

During its traditional panel at PAX Online, Gearbox publishing had a reveal to make about the upcoming looting-slashing game Godfall.

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masterfox39d ago

This looks way better than past trailers, very colorful and the combat looking smooth, the glowing effects and details of the armors look effing great, the characters look badass as well.

RpgSama39d ago

It does look way better than on previous showings, hopefully they keep these improvements going all the way till release, we might have a sleeper on our hands if they keep at it.

39d ago
Abriael39d ago

Once more, lighting is pretty literally the primary factor in the looks of a game. Improve the lighting and the same models and textures will look 3x better.

38d ago
porkChop39d ago

Yeah, it initially didn't look that great. This looks far better.

pwnmaster300039d ago

I was always a fan and this made me even more hype. Gonna add this to my games I want to play list. So far
Demon souls
Miles morales
And now god-fall

NeoGamer23238d ago

Definitely an improvement over previous gameplay trailers.

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deadfrag39d ago

Been hammering this game but this new trailer shows good improvements over what I have seen already!

CaptainObvious87839d ago

This game had always peaked my interested. I had a feeling the teasers just weren't showing the game well.

I'd like to believe I'm vindicated now :)

RaidenBlack39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Okay ... this looks freakin good now @ 4K. Won't bash it anymore at least in looks department.

SullysCigar39d ago

This looks heaps better than the initial reveals. In terms of looks and action.

My scepticism is replaced by hopefulness.. 🤔

waverider39d ago

The game is getting better. Thats a reality that this trailers shows

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The story is too old to be commented.