Why Do We Keep Giving Nintendo a Pass on Its Strange Business Decisions?

Strange Nintendo decisions: Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a limited release, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is AWOL, and full price ports on Switch.

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SullysCigar77d ago

Good question. For a company with such light-hearted, happy-go-lucky franchises, they sure can be a shady bunch.

Unknown_Gamer579476d ago

So they are the Disney of videogames afterall.

bella85276d ago

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generic-user-name76d ago


Is that supposed to be a joke? Shadow of the Colossus and Demon's Souls are ground-up remakes, both done by Sony.

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NeoGamer23276d ago

Gaming is about games. Because Nintendo make great games, gamers buy their products.

Welshy76d ago

A good game doesn't make the shitty practices they use to sell it good. Shitty business practice is shitty business practice.

It only makes it worse that this Mario 35 bundle isn't even good in the sense that they haven't even been remastered in any way other than resolution.

Even Activision remade both Crash and Spyro trilogies from the ground up and only charged £30. Imagine Activision released the OG PS1 games on PS4 for £50 and told everyone to buy it within a limited window? It would have caused a crazy backlash.

I love Nintendo's games but I'm sick of the free pass they get with BS that noone else would get away with.

Nyxus77d ago

Nintendo gets away with everything.

Agent_00_Revan77d ago

I don't know why their fans enjoy being apart of an abusive relationship.

NotoriousWhiz77d ago

I don't agree with their decisions, but I like their games.

Army_of_Darkness77d ago


If you like and buy their games, you are agreeing with all of Nintendo's decisions bro...

Unknown_Gamer579476d ago

I don't know why people in abusive relationships enjoy being in an abusive relationship either. So, that sounds about right. It obviously makes more sense to them than it does to everyone else.

NotoriousWhiz76d ago

"If you like and buy their games, you are agreeing with all of Nintendo's decisions bro..."

I really have no idea if this is sarcasm or not.

Rachel_Alucard76d ago (Edited 76d ago )


Because you are rewarding them by continuing to consume their products regardless. They have no reason to change when they have millions of people who think like you do. In fact, most don't even think it's a problem in the first place, because their mind never asked themselves "Why am I paying full price for old games/ports?" or "Why is this release limited in the first place?" Nintendo knows this and abuses it to no end.

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NotoriousWhiz76d ago


Got it.

Like how all Xbox owners support paying to play free games online.

And how all PS4 owners support Sony's censorship of games.

Rachel_Alucard75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Yes just like that. You can't disagree with their decisions because you still buy them. It matters not how you feel when buying their product, it matters that you bought it in the first place. It's like saying your vote doesn't matter, when the reason it doesn't matter in the first place is because nobody has the nuts to spread any of this into the real world. Mostly just sticking to internet forums and what else, the only people who use those sites frequently are few in number and they never take off due to this. There's no push to go beyond these closed spaces.

The other things you mentioned with Sony has more way negative effects on the studios then consumers could ever feel, in addition to the issue only affecting one demographic of people, so that might not be a similar comparison.

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badz14976d ago

yup, come here to say that

generic-user-name76d ago

Even this article calling them out goes easy on them, the title says 'strange business decisions' but if it were Sony doing it they'd say 'anti-consumer practices'.

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Zodiac77d ago

The problem is that most people just don't care. In a way, they aren't giving Nintendo a pass because that conversation isn't even happening for them and no "decision" is arrived at. The problem with people who don't care either way is that it is, well, hard to get them to care lol. Its the same with CoD and Fifa etc. Most people aren't recognizing the faults and the shady stuff and THEN saying "ok thats fine". They don't even get to that step. They literally DO NOT CARE and that is a very hard thing to defeat. How would you make them care?

Tiqila76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Do you have to make anyone care about anything? It's your ideology that dictates that others should care about shit. Live and let live and please, let others don't care about things about which you care but they don't.

Regarding Nintendo and their practices: I think they are not nearly as bad as GaaS. So should everyone care about this now? Or maybe, just maybe that is just my opinion...

Seraphim76d ago

ewe GaaS. The game that keeps charging you then slowly or abruptly takes away said content. GaaS can get F'd. At least the way it's been presented thus far.

Zodiac76d ago

You aren’t wrong at all all with your GaaS comment

ZeroBlue276d ago

Yeah, but everyone already rails on GaaS, outside of a few Xbox fans, no one is really giving it a pass.

masterfox77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

Nintendo is a brand that only needs to put its name in order to sell, it doesn't matter if the device or thing is good or garbage in the end it will sell some cause of the pure name only, Nintendo long ago forgot what gaming quality is, and currently is trying to move forward by exploiting the gamers nostalgia, and the current perfect example of it is that Mario Collection, "oh Mario this and that, so good , blah blah BS", if you think for a second and look what Nintendo has offered in the past months all the way to the past year you will realize their gaming library is really pathetic, but yet again here we are clamoring for Nintendo on how good it is cause the release of more freaking Mario games?, daaamnn seriously people let's higher up the game standards of Nintendo, the only reason why Nintendo won't make a decent gaming console is because of people keep buying their cheap devices and this is only because is name and not because the quality of their games, cause if were of the games with its currently library definitely that cheap device would stay on the retailers shelf for who knows how much time.

porkChop77d ago

"Nintendo is a brand that only needs to put its name in order to sell, it doesn't matter if the device or thing is good or garbage in the end it will sell some cause of the pure name only"

Oh yeah, you're absolutely right. That worked out so well for the Wii U. It just flew right off the shelves because Nintendo's name was on the box.

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JEECE76d ago

Please don't bring facts into this discussion, they aren't welcome here.

ZeroBlue276d ago

They sabatoged themselves with bad marketing on that one.

Edgelordsupreme76d ago

The gamecube and the N64 really sold on the basis of that name too.

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Sirk7x76d ago

I'm not gonna sit here and defend all their business practices, because I'm not paying $60 for that Mario collection, nor do I think it should be a limited offer. To say though, that they long ago forgot what gaming quality is, while taking into consideration how good most of their first-party games are, is just not true. Mario Odyssey and BotW alone are two of the best games to come out in the last 10 years.
This year has been pretty shitty in general for gaming; What great games have come out this year? It's a small list, and many of them are contentious. Last of Us, FF7 Remake, Doom Eternal. Make a list of the top ten best games that came out this year, no one's going to be talking about most of them in a few years. If new consoles weren't coming out in a couple months, we'd all have hardly anything to look forward to. Same goes with movies, shows, concerts, etc. 2020 has sucked balls.

Lionsguard76d ago

"Nintendo is a brand that only needs to put its name in order to sell"

The Power glove, Virtual Boy and Wii U would like to have a word with you.

But yeah, Nintendo often gets a free pass for their stupid policies that would incite e-riots if Sony or MS or any other publisher did the same thing.

JustTheFax76d ago

The Power Glove was by Mattel

JEECE76d ago

Not to mention Gamecube, which had low sales, and, despite everyone's revisionist history about how they all had it as a kid, Nintendo 64 didn't sell very well either in comparison to the PS1.

Lionsguard76d ago

@JustTheFax Sure it was manufactured by Mattel but it was a licensed product of Nintendo and it's only associated with Nintendo. If you ever brought up the Power Glove, people would think Nintendo, not Mattel and that's the point. Just because Nintendo's name is either on it or associated with it, doesn't mean it will sell well.

Knushwood Butt76d ago

Considering they no longer have to support 2 distinct platforms, like Wii U and 3DS, their recent offerings are a joke. Port after lazy port.

Makes you wonder what they will do next gen. Arms Deluxe 4K??

Edgelordsupreme76d ago

This comment really ages you, you're either 15 or a developmentally stunted adult.

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