Marvel's Avengers Post-Game Ambitions Suffer from Bland Level Design & Uninspired Loot

Marvel's Avengers from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics has a deeply repetitive post-game, with a boring level grind and uninspired loot.

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spwittbold36d ago

Game is trash.
(I bought, and played through the whole thing on PS4. Sad to say but this game wins for fail of the year).

NeoGamer23235d ago

So, can you explain why it is trash?

I have been on the fence for this game for a while now.

I honestly want to know why it is trash.

gamer780436d ago

its a fun single player game, DO NOT get this for multiplayer, its basically rooms of bots to fight with no real loot.

ZeroBlue236d ago

Looked like an obvious cash grab out of the gate. Furthermore, I don't know why anyone would give a penny to Disney.