Star Citizen Creator Addresses Concerns on Development; Over 30,000 Players Play on Average Days

Today Cloud Imperium Games founder and Star Citizen creative director Chris Roberts took to the game’s official forums to address concerns about the development of the growing space simulator.

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RaidenBlack210d ago

Not bashing CI games, a random thought:
Just release the Squadron 42 portion asap.
This'll keep people engaged and interested. While the persistent universe gets worked upon.
This might also help the devs address some bugs which might be common to both modes/game, early on. So that the same bug don't crop up in the Star Citizen game.

ZeroBlue2210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Right? Tradtionally, MMOs are released in segments, you can sell a completed package to the public, then continue updating and creating new content. They seem to refuse to do this, and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight. They're promising a great and giant game sometime in the foreseeable future, but why not give people a finished product? Or least a path to one? Then you can continue creating and monetizing new content, assuming the finished product sold well. I don't think they're going to do that though, because many of the whales would jump ship. I don't see how the whole "Just trust us, and keep giving us money." model is sustainable.

moralsup210d ago

A watched pot never boils...

They cant just throw Squadron 42 out there, its supposed to be some grand AAA title itself.

Godmars290209d ago

Which is the problem.

They should be offering "B" grad games in order to support their AAA title.

Godmars290209d ago

Thing is:
1 - people, those who have and continue to pay into it, are engaged.
2 - Squadron 42 likely can't simply be "put out". Not if its suppose represent Star Citizen which itself is suppose to be a fully immersive open world first person "experience" where is more a linear set of missions.

They could/should probably do 42 traditionally, just the flight missions w/cutscenes, but then if such an idea had gotten into their heads they could have been pumping out series of titles based around the gameplay of the main game - S-42, something based around prison breaks boarding actions and mining - for financing rather than the ever more ponzi scheme the project seems to be turning into.

DarthSocio210d ago

another $800 million and it'll be ready. Keep the faith lads

SimpleSlave209d ago

Chris Roberts and family have been living the high life getting pay millions for almost a decade without delivering a final product.

I'll bet they'll be siphoning millions more before finally delivering an Early Access for who knows how long or selling the company/IP outright while Chris and Fam enjoy them Golden Parachutes.

Not a scam they say.

👍👌So sad!!!👌👍

BlackDmitry209d ago

How much time they have already tormented this game and will not drive you crazy. I am not surprised that there are any problems.

Psychotica209d ago

I guess what I don't understand is with all that money why don't they hire more developers?
But generally speaking the development time isn't that unusual, RDR2 took 8 years

SaveFerris209d ago

Shouldn't the game be released when it is ready?