Sony denies PS3 price cut rumor - but it'll still happen

From the article:
"Regular readers will know I'm a big advocate of hardware price cuts - well, aren't we all? And there's one home console that is currently in desperate need of a price cut: the PS3. It's overpriced and underselling. How many more reasons does Sony need?"

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LightningPS34240d ago

Why take a pounding this holiday, if they're planning to cut price anyway in early 2009?

The most important time is now. Still surprised that Sony is not fighting back this holiday with a price cut of their own.

I think they're misjudging just how bad this holiday will be for them.

chaosatom4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

What the hell would Sony market next year? What about the year after that? And the Year after that? And then the Year after that?

Sure Ps3 will take some pounding due to pricing, but they can come back easily with a price cut.

And Trust me, when a ps3 price drop happens, it will send ripples far greater than 360.

jaysquared4240d ago

"And Trust me, when a ps3 price drop happens, it will send ripples far greater than 360."

LoL! Heard that before! I mean don't get me wrong a price drop will help PS3 sales but the 360 will remain cheaper throughout the PS3s lifetime! But I love your quote! Its so original! Never heard anybody say that!

jwatt4240d ago

"Why take a pounding this holiday, if they're planning to cut price anyway in early 2009?"

who said they are doing a price cut early next year?

Just calm down the ps3 is doing just fine for it's price. I think it would be a better strategic move to wait untill next year. Sony has plenty of options for a price cut next year with a game like GOW3.

PoSTedUP4240d ago

ps3/psp/ps2.... will sony really do bad this holiday?? really?? i dont think so pinocchio.

Babylonian4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

Because of the momentum they have with Blu-ray and the nice exlusive gaming line-up for this year. They want to squize as much out of the current price as possible.

It might not make sense to you, but they know what they are doing. Their accountants have made formulas and maths to figure out what the effects will be if they drop it now or later. If the result were MORE positive for them to drop the price now, believe me they would!

In the end, they know very well that they have to drop the price anyways. So let them run their business, and let us play the games.

ultimolu4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

...Sony drops the price now and risks company suicide.

Real smart.

Sony must have their reasons why they're not cutting it this year.

Pss...they're doing fine. :)

thebudgetgamer4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

what sence would it make to say so now it would be like telling consumers stop buying our product until march or whatever and thats just stupid

@saber how do you know that? got an inside man at sony?
and i guess microsofts 5 price cuts was not because of desperation at all ha

IzKyD13314240d ago

Sony is gonna let the system sell itself for this holiday, it would be stupid to price cut the PS3 just because the 360 got a price cut....and a March price cut is perfect IMO, think about it for a second, Killzone 2, Resisdent Rvil 5, and infamous coming out near the price cut......a smart move would be to cut 50 bucks in march, then another 50 in october/november

SaberEdge4240d ago

Given the fact that they are currently selling the ps3 at a loss, I wouldn't be so sure that they will cut the price any time soon. If they do it, it will only be out of desperation and they will still likely be losing money on each system sold. Some people want the price cut so bad that they can't see things clearly. All I am going to say is don't expect a price drop in the next couple of months, you are likely to be disappointed.

jaysquared4240d ago

I dont think a price cut in March 2009 would be a good move. As everybody knows in this site(except the PS3 fans)that consoles dont sell in the spring and summer they sell the most during the holiday shopping season. A better move by Sony to create momentum is dropping in September so that they will have momentum going into the 2009 shopping season.

I remember the PS2 had a price drop in Spring but the PS3 isnt selling as well the PS2 so a dropping the price in spring wouldn't help sony to much.

Bathyj4240d ago

Who said they were selling at a loss?

They halved the cost of production about a year ago now. Do you think it hasn't gotten cheaper to build since then?

Just because they dont report to us with every detail every time something changes, doesn't mean things havent changed.

jaysquared4239d ago

Oh wow Karl! why did you have to own him that bad! OWNED!

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TrevorPhillips4240d ago

it will get a price cut for sure i guarantee you.

wwedx4240d ago

The ps3 needs a price cut beacuse it is losing to the xbox 360 and it knows that

thebudgetgamer4240d ago (Edited 4240d ago )

is it sony that knows or the actual ps3 itself


@below that would be scary its skynet all over again

OSIRUSSS4240d ago

Maybe the PS3 itself is soo powerful that it determines it's own price?

Sevir044240d ago

... wwedx that was just hilarous.

KingDizzi4240d ago

Of course they will be a price cut soon and of course Sony will deny it, they know business and do not want to jeopardize any Christmas sales. That said a price drop in February worldwide looks right on the cards, Killzone 2 releases for EU and NA, FFXIII demo, Yakuza 3 for Japan.

0verdrive4240d ago

exactly what i was thinking.

you saved me the trouble of typing it out, so you get a bubble. xD

Spike474240d ago

Would you waste all your energy in the first round of a fight? Sony has MS where they want them. MS is forced to lower the price cut to maintain the lead, and it still sells fairly close to the xbox360 in NA and leading it worldwide. MS can't lower the price further now, while Sony can.

SaberEdge4240d ago

I like how you act like the 360's price cut was out of desperation, but go on believing that the PS3 will get another price cut in a few months. That is crazy talk. The 360's price cut is normal and is happening just when you would expect it. It has been three years and production costs have gone down, so lowering the price of the console is a good move. If the Ps3 gets another price cut in the next few months that will mean that the PS3 has received two major price cuts in just a little over two years. What's more, the 360 is profitable for MS, while Sony is losing money on every PS3 sold. So who is acting more out of desperation? I think that would be Sony.

I wouldn't be so sure that there will be a price cut early next year anyway.

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