Modders are planning to create their own Crysis Remaster in CryEngine 5.6.6, first early screenshots

Crysis Remastered releases in a few days on the PC. However, it appears that a team of modders is currently working on its own remaster in CryEngine 5.6.6.

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LordoftheCritics48d ago

Better looking and colour accurate.

TeamIcoFan48d ago

Here before the cease and desist order.

Father__Merrin47d ago

How is this even news? This is modding it's not a new pc game release etc. Bring us exclusive must have AAA pc games not mods. Articles like this should not be on N4G ppl can surf modding forums instead.

N4g is latest gaming news, someone adjusting saturation contrast and tampering with textures to make them look better isn't news for n4g....

Terry_B47d ago

...go away or something ^^

Hungryalpaca47d ago

Last I checked mods are part of games.

Jesus you’re so salty about Pc. Get a life.

SegaGamer47d ago

The guy is pathetic. He wants nothing but articles blowing smoke up Sony's ass. He's easily one of the worst fanboys on here.

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