Treyarch: Black Ops Cold War Scorestreaks Promotes "Fun" for Mid-Tier Players, Won't Reward Bad Ones

The new Black Ops Cold War scorestreaks system isn't designed for bad players, but is a way for "middle-tier" players to participate in the fun too.

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38d ago
GoodGuy0938d ago

Well not like theyll outright say that its for bad players lol. Im guessing the game will have aggressive SBMM too. Everything is just for the casuals now these days smh.

Jin_Sakai38d ago

Can it not be for both? Casuals and hardcore gamers both should be able to enjoy the game not just one or the other.

excaliburps37d ago

I agree with this. Personally, based on what was revealed, this should be OK, but there is a chance of it being abused.

ramtah37d ago

i quit games with sbmm ifeel like im in a tornoumnet lol

Kaii37d ago

Just C/P the response, *Rewarding bad players and devs response were, I wouldn’t say that at all. Trust me we’ve still gotten plenty of feedback internally that some Players cant earn streaks.
How are people unable to string 3-6 kills together? I've personally witnessed sbmm at It's finest & yeah you've got people who throw £50 at games to DEFEND some isolated building In the middle of nowhere if they want that 11kill chopper gunner crap.

Halo 3 Ranking In 2007 was the icing on the cake, meaning it was fucking fantastic, devs throw sbmm(skill based masturbating matches) & for 13yrs no company gets it "right".

Stop attempting to assist players who somehow need MORE assistance, has anyone rightfully bitched about aim assist on console? Why should someone bitch about it? Well, Guy A aim assist partially sticks to the target, Guy B aim assist not really jelling right with this encounter so Guy B dies, should Guy B be pissed?

06-12 games didn't hold your hand as much & now with microtransactions we've got to make sure the casuals have this fluffy experience, why? Like casuals isn't even the right word though, you've got gamer/casual/(uber-casual) these are the people walking around the maps on the Jurassic Park ride with Flashlike* reflexes ./j

Apex has this, I can play daily when season drops so obviously I've got this "feeling for the game" but as any game, you finished everything and want to venture elsewhere until something new & shiny appears and you play again, so start up the game again and guess what, my last template is used for my matches. I get no 50/50 coin toss, I'm in for the biggest shit known to mankind.

Apparently this game will have modern warfares version of sbmm, so fuck this ^.^ I guess this post oozes too much ramble but devs out there trying to make gaming easier just enrage my fucking mind, Cuphead Tutorial (ALL OVER AGAIN) very different subject entirely but these morons exist, Polygon Doom 2016 review exists, these are reviewers who should be In the gamer category but suck hellhound balls at gaming at the basic lvl, stop holding peoples hands, thank you goodnight.

Germaximus37d ago

when have killstreaks ever rewarded bad players? so stupid

SullysCigar37d ago

It's a tricky one, isn't it. It's like when an oldish multilayer is dirt cheap in a sale, so you grab it only to realise you're just target practice for the hardcore remainders, as there's no other noobs and no middling players! Pretty disconcerting lol

With Cod that hardcore bunch seems to be immediate and grows with each new game, but if you get it straight away, you benefit from the other newbies that don't know the maps / strategies for months!

I don't think they should be changing the game - you're either invested or not. Everyone becomes better with practice.

Maybe they could try to match abilities better than they do right now? Not like they struggle with active player count.

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The story is too old to be commented.