Designing Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ Fierce And Compassionate Protagonist

Game Informer: "We talk to Ember Lab about what went into creating spirit guide Kena, and how her journey goes to some emotional places."

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robtion40d ago

The art style and character design looks great from the initial trailer. I get a definite Jade from Beyond Good and Evil vibe for Kena, which is fine by me.

bouzebbal40d ago

I expect so much from this game!

Bathyj40d ago

This looks so gorgeous. I hope it turns out great.

neomahi40d ago

I still don't know why Sony haven't acquired Ember Lab, the studio has PlayStation style and personality written all over it and they're going to let that go to the competition for Nintendo and Microsoft? Bad move Sony, a timed exclusive deal isn't good enough. Animators that good rival Naughty Dog and your just gonna let that slide, huh?

Applejack40d ago

It’s funny you say that because a former Naughty Dog employee works there. Even so, Ember Lab still has to prove themselves in game development even if it does look promising.