Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Principle of the Rewind Mechanic Caused “Headaches”

Ubisoft India’s Game Director Pierre Sylvain-Gires shares the team’s challenges that they have experienced and why the principle of the rewind has caused them “headaches.”

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ArchangelMike38d ago

Sounds like more excuses to me tbh. I don't know much about game engines, but if they were able make the rewind mechanic work 17 years ago, on 6th generation game engine technology - then I can't see why it's such a problem now with all the technological advances. I understand that games are more advanced and game engines - but by their own admission, this isn't an open world game; it short linear game with one unique game mechanic.

I honestly think they should just delay this game and give it the polish it needs.

elazz37d ago

It's not that I want to defend Ubisoft India but I think they didn't receive everything from the source code and that it was more like reverse engineering. Especially if the original devs weren't available. Else it's just not an experienced team.

Eamon37d ago

I also think talent is an issue here. Seems like only a small team at Ubi India is working on it. Probably some juniors with not too much experience.

mastaleep37d ago

They gave a beloved game in a popular IP to complete novices, the talent is nowhere close to western studios.