Black Myth: Wu Kong To Spawn A Trilogy And Feature Over 100 Enemy Types

Chinese studio Game Science is back with all new information on Black Myth: Wukong, discussing overall development, gameplay, story, and eventual release.

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SullysCigar39d ago

Interesting to see work of such high quality from a Chinese dev.

MeteorPanda39d ago

yeahh these guys sound legit - they're former workers from tencent and l know ppl like to talk shit but that company has pretty good quality control, lm sure they're gonna deliver - lm hyped as hell

badz14939d ago

why don't we focus on the first game first and THEN talk about future plans?

solideagle39d ago

isn't it a bit too early to say these things? let the game release first and fans should decide?

Michiel198939d ago

Exactly what I thought. Yes the game looks good, but they are kind of starting to sound like Molyneux now.

I personally rather have 5-8 forms you can shapeshift into that are fleshed out, instead of 70+ that are barebones. Still super hyped for this game though.

solideagle39d ago

The first game which came in my mind was "Too Human" because that guy also announced trilogy before release and the game flopped.

Michiel198939d ago

Never knew Too Human was supposed to be a trilogy, only about the countless delays and that the game was pretty mediocre (didnt play it myself). Promising the world will always sound like Molyneus in my eyes ;)

No Way39d ago

Too Human definitely had it's flaws and lacked in a lot of areas; however, for me personally, co-op with a friend was a blast.

I rather enjoyed the game.

Rambokind39d ago

The trailer looked pretty damn good. Sure, trailers have overhyped before, but that one was on another level.

ConTroll39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

"The game has been in development for two years already and is expected to take another three years to complete".

VerminSC39d ago

See, that’s the thing. People are already getting so hyped but we have absolutely no idea how the final product will end up. Sure it looks amazing now but so much can change.

telgou39d ago

Well it's a good thing that they are taking their time and not rushing it.

kayoss39d ago

Is this coming to next gen consoles or will it be exclusive to PC?

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