Why Xbox Series S + Game Pass Is Microsoft's Secret Weapon

IGN: "Welcome back to Next-Gen Console Watch 2020, our new show following all the news and rumors on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Series S. This week we discuss all the latest details on Microsoft’s Xbox Series S including price point and release date, what that means for the Series X, and how Sony might react. Does the $299 price tag raise your interest in the Xbox Series S Console?"

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Jin_Sakai50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

We hear the same thing every generation.

DirectX 12 - Secret Weapon
Power of the Cloud - Secret Weapon
Series S - Secret Weapon
Gamepass - Secret Weapon

There’s only one secret weapon, the games. That’s why PlayStation continues to dominate.

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AngelicIceDiamond49d ago

Well Game pass is a consumer friendly service that will undoubtedly keep MS competing next gen but I don't think XGP alone will make the console super successful. So far MS AAA's are years off which will undoubtedly hurt MS. If their games are good (scoring around 9's) on top if game pass that will be the winning formula.

CaptainObvious87849d ago

In 3 years time, when the releases on game pass are nothing but shallow aa experience riddles with MTs, I'll ask you if you still think it's 'consumer friendly'.

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rainslacker49d ago ShowReplies(2)
--Onilink--49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

100million PS4 and the biggest seller has only around 15mill I believe (and many not close to that)

50million Xbox and most exclusives dont get close to 10mill

Not only that, but other than Nintendo’s titles, the exclusives for MS and Sony dont really continue to sell that high every many years later. (Just look at amazon’s best seller list for 2020 as an example)

So if 100million people are buying a ps4 because of the exclusives, why do the games sales dont reflect that?

At one point people here need to understand that we (who buy the majority of exclusives and are actually driven to one console or the other because of the exclusives) are the minority in those dozens of millions of consoles sold.

Sure exclusives in an overall manner give a better look about the console, but at this point its honestly so much more about brand appeal, of which Sony will definitely hold an advantage over MS, and it explains why MS is looking at different approaches to this generation, otherwise its even more of an uphill battle

343_Guilty_Spark49d ago

PS4 also started $100 less and was more powerful than the Xbox One which started out the gate with poor messaging, weaker hardware, and shit ton of other problems.

Unspoken49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Fast food sells more than healthy organic food, doesn't mean its better.

Its called addiction.

F0XH0UND92249d ago

Worst attempt at a rebuttal I've seen this year lol

morganfell49d ago

Game pass = Fast food. Yeah I agree.

Sitdown49d ago

You said every generation, but just talked about the Xbox one. Please tell us what is was for the Xbox, and then the 360.

AngelicIceDiamond49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

@obvious show me these games that will be riddled with MTX on gamepass because I really wanna know. Avowed, Hell blade are AAA experiences. You're just another short sided fanboy.

mcstorm49d ago

I love this exclusive comments. Let's face it this gen was no where near as good as last gen in terms of exclusives and quality. Alot of the same ips from both Sony and Microsoft. No where near the verity of last gen.

I ended up moving over to pc but I am hoping this one can bring me back to consoles.

For me the wiiu was the console I enjoyed the most this gen.

Well here is to the next gen and hopfuly more new ips and great games to play outside the yoy gemes we get now.

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SullysCigar50d ago

Too late @IGN, the truth is unfolding regarding this console - and it ain't pretty.

Destiny108050d ago

charging people 15 bucks a month to play free to play games is pure genius

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--Onilink--49d ago

Free to play games? Have you even checked the catalog?


It's not much a secret. We know that Game Pass is the best value in gaming and that most gamers don't have a 4KTV (making the Series S a good low cost option for them). Microsoft has a good chance of dominating the North American console market if they can get a few of those high profile Series X exclusives out in 2021.

Playstation and Nintendo will continue to dominate the worldwide console market, but it doesn't seem that Microsoft cares as they're more focused on subscription revenue.

waverider50d ago

Dude its late 2020. 1080 TV are over. This isnt 2013... You can get a next gen TV for 500 or 650 55 size. Like h9g... If you want to play at 1080p buy a pro or a x. Much better choice

darthv7249d ago

There are still plenty of people who havent made the jump to 4k because nothing has really compelled them to do so. I can say that up until last week, I had been still using 1080p tv's. I scored a good deal on a 55in samsung 4k from a couple who wanted to go bigger. They bought a 65in and I got their 55 for only $160.

I gave my son my old 47in 1080p and it was an upgrade for him as he was using a 32in 720p for his ps4


"Dude its late 2020. 1080 TV are over."

You're living in an echo chamber if you believe 1080p TVs are "over".

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343_Guilty_Spark49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

1080p isn't over

4K isn't standard. Broadcast TV is still in 1080p

Father__Merrin49d ago

Up scaling on a decent 1080p set still looks tremendous

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S2Killinit48d ago

Can someone explain the rules about “inappropriate” comments to me? I just happen to notice that Rainslacker was marked here but he is saying the same type of thing as everyone else in this thread. Im just asking. Anyone? Can someone help please? This question comes up for me all the time, and I never know where to get the answer from.

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crazyCoconuts49d ago

This just in.. @rain and I ran the numbers. PSNow is the best value in gaming. By a lot. I'm calling the IGN offices now :-)

rainslacker49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

How do we know that most gamers don't have 4K TV's? Not just one week ago, the major discussion being had was that if something wasn't 60fps it wasn't worth playing. Is that not the case anymore? I don't know of any 1080 displays that can do 60fps and if they do exist, do most people with 1080 displays actually have those kinds of displays? Don't get me wrong, I was adamant in saying that 60fps wasn't necessary, and it was a foolish argument to pretend it was that much in demand, but I see the tides shifting again....which indicates a new week is upon us, because the excuses for MS seem to change weekly.

Why is it, what works best for MS is the current talking point and anything that was a big thing in the past is no longer relevant.

Also, isn't value a matter of perception? Is that value present at the regular price? Why is MS 200 or so games more of a value than PSNow's 700+ games at half the price? Since most people don't have 4K TV's, aren't they going to be OK if they play them on the weak sauce PS4P, or even regular PS4?

Can you follow your arguments through to more complete logical conclusions? because it seems that whenever new arguments crop up, they invalidate the past one's, or are easily extended to make the new one's look meaningless or help another platform actually look better when you start adding in all the facts.

Petebloodyonion49d ago

Actually the majority of 1080P TV can do 60 frames per second since they have a real 60HZ refresh rate built-in.
What they often fail to achieve is 120 frames even when they have a 120HZ refresh rate marketed on the box because the real refresh rate is 60 HZ, the 120 Hz is made via an effect like motion plus to give you a feel of fluidity.

Also, the majority of gamers own bad TV for gaming because they are buying the cheap 500 4K TV or are still owning a cheap 1080P TV. Here are some of the common problems of low budget tv.
1) High input latency, you would be surprised by how many ppl never validate the input latency and if the tv support a game mode (props to Sony and Samsung to highlight that now)
2) Bad refresh, Now don't be fool by the number on the box because you really have to validate the refresh rate on the specs sheet. Having a true 120 Hz will cost you a lot more compared to a 60 Hz
3) Lower image quality

And just for the record, I do own a good 4k (bought in 2015) and still play in 1080P on (Pc and console) because I can double the refresh rate and use it as a good pc screen. The best part was hearing my pseudo 4k expert friend regarding the quality of my screen and how 4k is great until I showed them the resolution on the screen.
Conclusion: 4k is overrated at the moment and it's the reason why TV makers are trying to build on HDR10 since you can easily see a difference between a tv with and without HDR.

And here's a link explaining when you start to see the difference between 1080P and 4K resolution and HDR

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SpaceRanger50d ago

Short term gain, long term loss for them and their first party studios.

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